The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Locations and List of Dragons [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

This article contains a guide to the Dragons in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The dragons in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of Time are ancient creatures. Their scales, horns, fangs, claws unlock shrines, upgrade armor, and other things.

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When you enter the game, there are powerful and ancient primordial spirits. These creatures take the form of large and powerful dragons. Killing them is a terrible idea and mere mortals cannot hope to harm them.


The reason for the dragons’ power is due to the goddess. Each of the dragons have their own designated springs. Dinraal, the red dragon, serves the Spring of Power in Akkala Region. Farrosh, the green/yellow dragon serves the Spring of Courage in the Faron Region. Naydra, the blue dragon serves the Spring of Wisdom in Lanaryu.

Location of the Dragons

After starting your adventures past the Great Plateau, you might spot one of these dragons flying over Hyrule. While they are not aggressive, they do have certain defenses that might be a bit of a problem. However, the dragons do have a signal as to when they appear. The music changes and large updrafts appear around the dragon. When you see them, you can use the gust with unlimited stamina on the Paraglider.

However, the dragons aren’t that approachable. Each of these dragons have an elemental aspect that strikes Link, inflicting damage. This sends him falling from the sky. And if you look at the dragons, each of them are found in a different part of Hyrule. They begin their flight around sunrise and finish at sunset.


  • Dinaraal appears northwest of the Death Mountain in the Eldin Region. He’ll fly along the entire Tanagar Canyon before exiting at the north of Gerudo Highlands. He’s near the Dunba Taag Shrine.
  • Farrosh appears in multiple places. He either appears on the western edge of Gerudo Highlands, traveling east across the mountain range. Or, you can see him coming out of the waters of Lake Hylia in the Lake region near the Hyrule Bridge. But, you can also find him in Lake Floria in the Faron Region.
  • Naydra appears as a boss at the Jitan Sa’mi shrine. She’s found at the Spring of Wisdom with the corruption from Malice. Taking her down allows you to complete the shrine at that area. After that, she takes off down the mountains west after freeing her. After that, she’s either at Mount Lanaryu or north of Lanaryu bay.

Dragons and their Parts

When you get close enough, you can use your bow to shoot the dragon. However, the dragons don’t really feel anything. To them, it’s just a tickle. However, you can grab an important item from the dragon. After shooting them, there’s a flash of light. The light signals you that there’s an item from it. After that, the dragon races for the heavens. With that, you only get one item per appearance.

Depending where you strike, you get a specific item:

  • Body – Scales of Dinraal, Farrosh, or Naydra
  • Horns – Shard of Dinraal’s, Farrosh’s, or Naydra’s Horn
  • Claws – Claws of Dinraal, Farrosh, or Naydra
  • Fangs – Shard of Dinraal’s, Farrosh’s, Naydra’s Fang

Uses of the Dragons’ Parts

Because they’re grand creatures, the dragons’ materials fetch a high price in the market. You can also trade them with Kilton the Monster Merchant for a lot of Monster Currency. However, before you do anything, there are other uses.

  • Because each spring is designated to the dragon, there mythical springs have a Goddess Statue. She’ll request that you leave a part of one of the dragons in the water. That way, you gain access to the shrine. One good example is the shrine near the Spring of Courage. In order to open Shae Katha shrine, you have to drop Farrosh’s scale to get in.
  • Link’s champion tunic upgrades depending what part of the dragon you have. This also affects the level of the upgrade.
  • The dragons’ parts also work in cooking. They drastically increase the duration of the special effects. If you put scales, it will increase duration slightly. Claws increases them to a medium amount. Fang Shards will increase them greatly. And if you want to max it out, use Horn Shards.

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