Riddles of Hyrule Side Quest Walkthrough [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

Riddles of Hyrule

A Side Quest that belongs to the Great Hyrule Forest Region. It consists of solving riddles and requires that the answer be in a form of an item surrendered to Walton. To surrender an item, face Walton and place the answer to the riddle on the leaf before him. There are 5 Riddles in total. By finishing the Riddles of Hyrule, you will receive a diamond.

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First Riddle

“small, red, round, sweet”

The answer to this riddle is an Apple, one of the most common materials found in the Kingdom of Hyrule. Offer the apple to the leaf in front of Walton to advance to the next riddle.

Second Riddle

“Kakariko Village’s specialty fruit”

During your first stay in Kakariko Village, by talking to the man tending his garden you will receive a free Fortified Pumpkin. If however you have already consumed it or cooked it during your journey, simply interact with Olkin again to buy a piece for a measly 20 rupees.

Third Riddle

“sultry shroom that will warm your bones”

The third riddle describes a mushroom that ‘warms’ your bones, the clue refers to how the sun which is the source of light energy converts to heat. The material that has the same aspects with the sun is in fact a Sunshroom. These sprout North of Hateno Ancient Tech Lab in Retsam Forest.

Fourth Riddle

“scales and tail will zap you”

The next riddle has the key words: ‘scales,’ and ‘zap’ which match with the characteristics of a voltfin trout. The Lake Totori is teeming with this specific fish specimen.

Bear in mind that the spawn rate of these is quite low, thus it might require some time before you can haul one. Remember to catch your breath in between bouts of searching by returning to land. This replenishes your stamina to prevent drowning.

Fifth Riddle

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“starts with an H and ends with an oof”

As for the fifth and final riddle, it is quite simple although it does not really capture the rest of the words. The clue talks about a material “hoof,” however it actually means a “Lynel hoof” which is an enemy drop from the vicious mini-boss.

After dropping the last item to answer the final riddle, Walton will recognize your deciphering talents and bestow upon you a diamond.

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  1. 2 lynels can be found going to Taboba Grassland, where the Giant Horse is located. Just warp to highland stable, and go toward the mounted archery camp. Pass the 3 wild horses and bokoboblins equipped with bows on horse back. Pass them, and you’ll see the first lynel. (Btw, idk if I spelled the grasslands correctly, but you’ll find it… hopefully ????xD )

  2. This one gave me a lot of trouble… because I couldn’t find the quest-giver! He’s on top of the Great Deku Tree. Literally. Start climbing, and don’t stop ’till you reach the top! There’s a flat section up there where Walton hangs out.

  3. You can find one by the akkala region next to the stable in the deep woods. There is also one by Zoras Domain on the highest cliff. In fact it is an objective to get his shock arrows.