Divine Beast Vah Medoh Walkthrough [Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

The article contains the walkthrough for the Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

When you speak to Rito Elder Kaneli, you find out that another Divine Beast  known as Divine Beast Vah Medoh went rogue. It’s now terrorizing the skies above Rito Village. It’s shooting everything that dares match its height. Several Rito tried but get shot. There’s only one warrior left – Temba, who attempts to bring it down.

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Divine Beast Vah Medoh Walkthrough

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Locate Temba

Check in with Temba but the warrior isn’t in his home in Rito Village. If you check the next building, Saki mentions that he left for the Flight Range at the foot of Hebra Mountains. She points out that you c an leave via Revali’s Landing, named after the Riot Champion. This has Link going through flashbacks with the arrogant champion, remembering bits of his past.

Jump of Revali’s Landing facing north to stop at the large stone pillar. From there, continue gliding until you make it to a landfall. Make sure that you’re geared up. The Herba Mountains is a cold place, colder than the Great Plateau. Warming food or a Quilted Doublet won’t be enough. Combine foods, clothing,  and elixirs or purchase Rito’s Snowquill from the armor shop in Rito Village.

The path to the Flight Range is  a bit terrifying. Black Bokoblins on horseback are guarding it and a few camouflaged Ice-breath Lizalfos along with them. After dealing with them, head to the Sha Warvo Shrine and then up the path to the Flight Range itself.

Flight Range Trial

When you’re at the Flight Range, head up the building to meet up with Temba. He wants to bring Vah Medoh  down . If you agree to help, he wants some proof you’re useful. To do so, use the updrafts  to take out 5 targets within 3 minutes. If you need a bow, grab the Swallow Bow and Arrows in the building.

Fortunately, it’s not that hard. There are more than 5 targets in the  arena. Your stamina wheel instantly refills whenever you  hit something. Float around on the paraglider until you spot a target. Shoot an arrow in slow-motion before stopping and moving on to the next target.

After completing the task, Temba lets you join them. He gifts  you the Falcon Bow and a Rito Bow with a high  rate of fire. He also helps out when he gives you 20 Bomb Arrows for the assault on the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. But, don’t waste them.

However, make sure you have what you need. Things such as warm clothes, elixirs, and foods. After checking, tell Temba you’re ready.

Assaulting Divine Beast Vah Medoh

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When the assault begins, take out the four cannons at each end of the Divine Beast. They stand on the tips of its impenetrable shield. But they function much like Guardian beams, focusing before blasting you. However, you’re in the Flight Range. Your stamina replenishes every time you reopen your paraglider.

Temba tries to interfere but if the cannon locks on you, wait until the last moment before free falling. After dodging, paraglide back up before shooting the lasers with your Bomb Arrows. Each cannon takes two bomb arrows so, get  close to make them count. Circle around the Divine Beast to take out each cannon in turn. Hang around the edges so that theother  cannons can’t target you if you don’t rise too high or fall too low next to the Divine Beast.

With all the cannons down, Temba leaves. You’re gonna have to fight Vah Medo yourself.

Dungeon – Divine Beats Vah Medoh

Once you’re inside, Revali tells you what’s up: take control of the Divine Beast Vah Medoh back from Ganon. However, you’re gonna need the map of the Divine Beast. After that, activate all terminals.

Start at the tail end of the ship. But before heading inside, look around for a gate of Malice between you  and a chest. Lookon the side to snipe the eye to get rid of the goop. After that, claim the Sapphire from the chest before going inside.

Head inside and your task is to cross the of the Divine Beast Vah Medoh where the Guidance Stone is. But first, clear out more Malice when looking for an eye on the right side. Past it, there’s a large hall with a turbine creating a gust to the upper level. There’s a large pit with slabs in the middle over the lower floor.

If you’re heading to the other side, go to the first s lab on the rail. Use Magnesis on the metal slab further up to drag it close. Before moving on, use Stasis to smack the stone slab you’re on to the left wall. Then, pull the metal slab all the way forward before smacking the stone slab into it. This should place it next to a ladder you can use to get up to a chest that holds an Ancient Core.

Now, move the Metal Slab back a bit until you can hop from the stone slab to the metal slab. Hop all the way to the other side where a Guardian Scout protects the Guardian Stone. Destroy the guardian, grab the stone and use it to grab a map of the Divine Beast.

Now that you have the map, you can tilt the Divine Beast at will. If you’re looking for the five terminals, they’re all in the wings. There are two on one side and three on the other. Before going to the wings, head out to the first stone slab and look down to spot an eye in a pool of Malice. Kill it and then jump down to the small balcony. There’s a small chest below in the corner containing 5 Bomb Arrows. Drop then to the lowest level to find another chest the Malice covered for an Ancient Shaft.

Return to the middle of the ship before moving onto the middle stone slab. Tilt the Divine Beast right, angling towards the two terminals. This will slide the slab you’re on over to the right wing. Behind the sealed gate, there’s the first terminal. But to open it, you need the large movable stone to slam into the receptacle on the right. But it needs more momentum. Hit the orange switch to turn on a fan that triggers the left gate to open. And if the wing is still tilted, it will roll into the far wall. Tilt the Divine Beast to the left.  Then, using Magnesis, keep the second windmill in place to open the gate. This allows the stone to freely slide and slam into the receptacle, opening the gate to the first terminal.

While it’s tilted left, run up to the orange switch. Look back to spot a chest on a high platform above the receptacle. With the slant, paraglide through the gust  and get enough height to reach it. There, you can grab the Knight’s Bow. There’s also a sealed door at the other end. Above, there’s a pool of Malice and a maw that spews enemy skulls. Destroy them both and dislodge a chest holding Ice Arrows.

With the gate to the other terminal sealed and no way out, keep the Beast tilted left. Glide all the way back into the middle room and onto the platform you got the chest from. There’s a gate of Malice nearby. Shoot the eye and head into the next room. Glide across the length of the room while it’s tilted to get the chest on the far ledge that holds a Knight’s Claymore. Then, drop onto the floor below. Search for a maw of Malice in the center. There’s an eye hiding behind it. Once it’s gone, tilt the Divine Beast back to the right. That way, you can go up the slope. Tilt it back after to glide to the second terminal.

Up ahead, there’s a sealed gate. On your right, there’s a window showing the room beyond. There’s a small hole that  allows spheres to pass through. While Vah Medoh is slanted, drop a Remote Bomb through  and let it roll into the stones to blow them up.

However, there’s another rock wall at the back. But it’s in the wrong corner. Drop the bomb in and then hit the switch  to trigger a gust of air. The air will guide  the bomb to the corner. This causes a large metal boulder to show up. Turn off the air and tilt the Divine Beast back to let the boulder fall towards  your side. Use the Magnesis to bring it over to the right where a large receptacle waits. Align it and tilt the Divine Beast once more to send it crashing into the switch. Now the gate opens. Head inside to use the third terminal.

Make the Divine Beast lie flat before returning to the central room. Go to the bottom floor. The Malice is blocking the left door so take the right door outside. Luckily, you can run around the balcony to the other side to findtheey on the other side of the blocked door.There’s one covering a turbine nearby. When the Malice is gone, tilt the Divine Beast left. Look across  the wings from your position for the fourth terminal all the way across. With the Divine Beast tilted as is, glide down and activate the terminal.

Tilt the Divine Beast in the opposite direction to fly back. Head out onto the other underside of the wings. There’s a carousel attached to a rail that will move back and forth as you tilt the Divine Beast. Tilt it  towards you and flatten the Divine Beast to board it. When there, tilt it towards the wings to start moving. There’s a gate of Malice blocking your path but, you won’t need to target the eye above if the carousel slams into the wall. You’ll have some ease over there when you flatten the Divine Beast halfway across to get a shot off. Tilt the  rest of the way over when the gate is gone. After that, merrily head up the stairs to activate the last terminal.

Now that all the terminals work, head to the Main Control unit as it’s now active on the roof. Flatten the Divine Beast out and return to the lower balcony. There’s two turbines that will lift you up to the top. When you get there, you’ll spot the Main Control Unit in the center. There are large walls that cross the wings. Before moving in, head to one side of the wings and tilt the Divine Beast so that you are higher up. Look towards the nose of the Divine Beast. From there, paraglide down from your high position to reach a chest holding a Giant Ancient Core. Return to the Control Unit to activate it only to have Ganon interfere with one of his incarnations.

Boss Fight – Windblight Ganon

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Windblight Ganon has a large cannon for one arm and floats about. He’s opportunistic; he’ll spam his shots whenever he’s far enough from you. He alternates between firing several cannon shots in rapid succession that you’ll need to spring away from. There’s also causing a giant tornado that you need to avoid. However, you can make use of the many turbines here to get into the air and out of harm’s way. But set yourself up for a bow shot to his face for a crit hit. This is especially important especially when he teleports  high up where it’s harder to reach.

If he stays low to the ground, try to close the distance. If you can, duck under his cannon shots as they have minimum range. This makes him vulnerable to multiple melee strikes. Otherwise, keep moving. Use your bow shots wisely with whatever arrows you have.

At half health, Windblight Ganon teleports back to the middle. He creates small floating turrets which he uses for new attacks. The worst is when he teleports up high and sends them floating in a circle.He shoots at them, bouncing his blast off each turret to form even more shots that will rain down from above.  He also uses them to focus his cannon into a large tornado blast or make many and bigger tornados.

If you want to defeat him, take down his turrets. Use the updrafts to get high up. Wait for them to stop darting about before slowing down time to take them out with arrows. The more you take out, the better. He’ll then drop back to the ground to use his standard tornado attacks, letting you dodge them. When you dodged them, get close in for melee attacks. If he tries to use his laser sight, shoot his eye to stun him.

After he finally falls, Divine Beast Vah Medoh is yours. You also get a new Heart Container. With that, Revali grants you his ability – Revali’s Gale. This allows you take off from the ground in a gust of wind.

Returning to Rito Village

When you return to Rito Village, speak to Elder Kaneli. This finishes the quest and you’ll receive the Revali’s Champion Bow – the Great Eagle Bow. This bow is capable of firing three shots at once. If anything happens to the weapon, speak to the bowmaster Harth and he replaces it for you.

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