Bows and Arrows List [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild features Ranged Weapons such as Bows and corresponding Arrow, ammunition that aid Link in defeating the various enemies. This enables him to pierce through the enemy’s defense from a distance.

Bows and Arrows

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link obtains the Bow early in the game. The problem however is that with the onset of the Durability mechanic, Bows are subject to wear and tear and will tend to wear out when used often. To maximize each of its durability, Link has the option of swapping between a handful of Bows stashed in his inventory.


Ranged Weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild consist primarily of Bows. This recurring weapon requires ammunition to be used. In The Legend of Zelda, several arrows of varying elements provide additional effects when used against specific enemy elements. As a Ranged Weapon it allows Link to snipe targets stationed afar, or trigger contraptions to solve certain Shrine mechanisms.

Bows have their individual Attack power, Durability, Range, presence of Multi-shots, and Quick Shot.

This table summarizes the list of Bows obtainable.

Weapon Attack Power Durability Range Multiple Arrows Quick Shot Location
Duplex Bow 14 18 40 2 Yes Yiga Clan Hideout Yiga Footsoldier drop
Lizal Bow 14 25 20 No Lanayru Great Spring
Lanayru Wetlands
Golden Bow 14 60 20 No Gerudo Highlands
Gerudo Desert
Silver Bow 15 40 20 No Lanayru Great Spring
Akkala Highlands
Forest Dweller’s Bow 15 35 20 3 No Tabantha Frontier
Hyrule Ridge
Falcon Bow 20 50 40 No Tabantha Frontier
Hebra Mountain
Mighty Lynel Bow 20 35 20 3 No Blue-Maned Lynel drop
Dragon Bone Boko Bow 24 30 20 Yes Hyrule Field
Hyrule Ridge
Reinforced Lizal Bow 25 35 20 Yes Tabantha Frontier
Gerudo Desert
Knight’s Bow 26 48 20 No Gerudo Desert
Tabantha Frontier
Great Eagle Bow 28 60 20 3 No Divine Beast Vah Medoh dungeon
Twilight Bow 30 100 8000 No Super Smash Bros. Amiibo
Savage Lynel Bow 32 45 20 3 Yes White-Maned Lynel Drop
Silver Lynel drop
Steel Lizal Bow 36 50 20 Yes Hebra Mountains
Akkala Highlands
Royal Bow 38 60 20 No Tabantha Frontier
Hebra Mountain
Ancient Bow 44 120 40 No Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
Royal Guard’s Bow 50 20 30 No Hyrule Castle
Bow of Light 100 100 500 No Late-game boss battle

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When the Arrows are used, the damage dealt will depend on the Weapon equipped. Despite this mechanic, Arrows are unique in that some elemental Arrows possess special properties when fired.

Ammo Attack Power
Arrow 0
Fire Arrow 0 (Flame spreads to deal damage to adjacent targets)
Ice Arrow 0
Shock Arrow 0
Bomb Arrow 40
Ancient Arrow 50 (Against bosses and sub-bosses only. Common enemies die instantly when hit)
Light Arrow (Bow of Light) 100
Light Arrow (Twilight Bow) 100

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  1. Additional damage listed for the elemental arrows is incorrect, flame/ice do and an additional 10 dmg of their respective types, shock does 20 (40 for the electric blast it creates if it hits water or metal) and bombds do 40 explosion dmg and 10 fire dmg as well as 1-15 dmg depending on the distance from the blast

    • Great question! I fell in LOVE with my Phrenic bow from the start!! That range is INSANE for early game! — I can’t remember exactly what dropped it though or what chest I got it from. Possibly from a major chest in a bokoblin camp. I always loved figuring out how to crash through those.

      Cool tip I figured out early:
      Kill the blue slimes (Chuchu’s) that come up out of the ground and pick up their chuchu jelly. Then drop it on a camp fire! It turns into Red Jelly immediately so pick it RIGHT BACK UP and red is explosive! Perfect alternative to Flint if you are out. Set it beside wood; shoot it with an arrow. But ALSO, it makes a great remote incendiary device! Sneak close to a camp of monsters, drop one or two of them, then sneak away from it. Then stand up and get their attention with your bow ready. When they get near the jelly, SHOOT THE JELLY! =)

      (I used that before I even did the bomb trial but it still comes in handy and the red ones SELL for a lot more money especially if you’ve got a lot of them!)

      Drop some in the EDGE of the icy river and turn them WHITE, then when you need to freeze enemies, or food to cool yourself down, shoot a White jelly (but stand WAY BACK)! =)

      Fun with Bows! Rangers/Archers Unite!