Seek Out Impa Walkthrough [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

This section contains a walkthrough for the fourth segment, Seek Out Impa in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Link wraps up on Great Plateau and leaves for Kakariko Village, where an important figure resides.

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Walkthrough: Seek Out Impa

Great Plateau Exit

Before you depart the Plateau, there are some areas to note:

  • Southeast of the Shrine Keh Numut is a path that directs to the Gerudo Desert, however best to avoid this area for now. To the Shrine’s Northeast are sets of bridges that lead to Shrine Kaso Dah, the lair of the Hinox mini-boss.
  • South of Shrine Ja Baij is the Hylian Lake where the Bridge of Hylia extends. Northwest of Shrine Ja Baij is an area where two troubled hikers are bound by Bokoblins by the Gatepost Town Ruins. Save them to obtain an item. The nearby ruins also contains a chest to examine.
  • Equestrians will be happy to travel by the Northwest of Shrine Oman Au as it provides a vast amount of mounts to choose from. Remember to soothe it immediately after you mount it. To the west of the horses is the Outskirt Stable which allows you to register and name your mounted Horse to call upon when needed. Other points of interest are the Side Quests and NPCs to interact with around the area. North of this area is the Central Tower, best to avoid it for now as several Guardians guard the perimeter.

Dueling Peaks

Proceed to the route East, getting past the ruins to cross a bridge. Investigate the Outpost Ruins to find some stacked crates and worn out weapons. There are a handful of chests here. Head upwards to come across the East Post Ruins, be wary when crossing as the left side is teeming with Moblin guards, there are enemy reinforcements near the Ruins exit.

At the right side just before crossing the bridge is Shrine Bosh Kala. This is an opportunity to obtain Spirit Orbs which consequently provide heart containers or stamina.

Cross Proxim Bridge, collecting Stamella Shrooms as you go along, to eventually encounter Brigo. Stop by to chat to obtain some intel on the guards of Hyrule Castle. He will also offer some routes to pass through to reach the destination.

Along the riverside is an expansive forest, be wary of the Octoroks ranged attacks. By the shores hold some Bokoblins, however if you focus along the path, you can prevent them from executing an ambush. To the right side is the traveling merchant, Giro, speak to him to sell your loot for rupees.

Ascending Dueling Peaks might seem like an arduous task however there are two options to choose from: either sweep the area of Bokoblins to glide safely from the hill to reach the tower, or get across the water path then resurface by the inclined rock to reach it. This provides an additional feature, detection of Shrines, to the Sheikah Slate.

Keep a close eye on the two Lizalfos that inhabit the water path as you head beneath the tower. For one, they expel projectiles at you, or if they chase after you to the land, they can lunge from the water. Feel free to buy some meat materials from the traveling merchant, Mezer. Up the mountain path is Shrine Ree Dahee which provides a useful Climber’s Bandana contained from the treasure chest.

North Road

Take the Big Twin Bridge to reach the Dueling Peaks opposite side where Dueling Peaks Stable stands. Talk to the merchants here to either stock up on materials, or sell your loot. If you desire, there are a handful of Side Quests to be done as well. If you interact with Sagessa, you can obtain Hasty Elixir free-of-charge. Near the Stable is Shrine Ha Dahamar, be wary of the perimeter though as the sides are covered with thorns. To cross requires to build a path to jump over safely.

Summon your mount then head North. Across the bridge is another trail where the Korok – Hestu can be found. Speak to him and undergo The Priceless Maracas Side Quest, afterwards he will be able to reward you if you manage to collect some of his lost Korok Seeds.

Climb the tapered route to find the Stamina ingredients selling merchant. Before you depart for Kakariko, be sure to speak to the woman nearby to learn about mining.

Kakariko Village

Pass by the arches to enter the Village. Talk to the person on the right side of the village entrance for a chat. Navigate through Kakariko to reach the end to trigger an event.

Interact with Impa to trace some historical content. Talk to Impa for the second time to be briefed on the next places to explore.

There are several tasks to do in Kakariko before you exit. Spend some rupees to stockpile on a variety of materials ranging from: Food Ingreddients, Armor, or Weapons. Take on Side Quests, or locate the Great Fairy to obtain some Armor Upgrades for a fee. Apart from these additional tasks, the Goddess Statue near Impa’s residence allows you to trade-in your Spirit Orbs for Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels. When you’re ready for the next set of tasks, return to Impa.

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