Locked Mementos Walkthrough [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

Locked Mementos is a main quest that you can undertake if you wish to know more about the lore hidden beneath Breath of the Wild. Since the game is a complicated open-ended game, several main quests in the story can be skipped for a faster playthrough if the player doesn’t want to know more about the story. This main quest is worth accomplishing for lore and story purposes.

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Walkthrough: Locked Mementos

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Fort Hateno

After exploring Kakariko Village head back to the south across the bridge then take a left before entering Dueling Peaks stable. Go west to Necluda and go to the village located there. You will eventually be lead to a large battlefield. This area is good for looting and scavenging for materials, but be careful of Bokoblins waiting to ambush you.

At the end of the battlefield lies Fort Hateno. A man nearby will tell you more about what happened in the area. Once you go further into the fort, you will meet man named Calip inside a cabin. Calip will offer you a side quest to undertake. If you take this side quest, head down the path into a canyon full of small statues. Return at night in this area and find the statue with glowing eyes then shoot it with an arrow. The glowing statue will reveal the Kam Urgon Shrine.

If you did not take the side quest or have finished it already, ascend the hills nearby. There will be a man who wants to speak to you, he will attack you if you speak to him, so be careful. After ignoring or defeating him, head towards the straight path ahead.

Hateno Village

At the road from the hill, there will be a small crossing by the river. If you cross it, you will unlock the Resurrection Tower for that area. There will be Moblins and Bokoblins around the area, so watch out for ambush attacks. There is also a straight path ahead to Hateno village, so head there if you wish to continue the main quest.

As you reach Hateno Village, a guard named Thadd will stop you. He will eventually let you in after you talk to him. After entering the gate, go to the lab located up the hill if you want to continue the main quest. Go inside the lab and you will meet a small girl. That small girl will give you an errand to retrieve a blue flame from an ancient furnace in Hateno Village. You would need a torch to retrieve the blue flame, but if you don’t have a torch, get one in the lab near the door.

The Flame at the Ancient Furnace

Head back to the village and look for a blue Sheikah structure near the north side of the town. This structure is on a small hill under some rocks. Using the torch, light the blue flame then go back to the lab. Light the receptacle located to the left of the lab using the blue flame. The Sheikah tech in the area will activate after lighting it, so it can now be used as a fast travel point.

Speak to the girl to begin the repairing of the lab. Also, if you take a picture of Purah, there will be a conversation that will commence. Speak to her again before leaving to get another side quest. You can finish this side quest if you go to Akkala Ancient Tech Lab and speak to a man named Robbie.

After helping Purah, go back to Kakariko Village and speak to Impa. Speaking to Impa will complete the Locked Mementos main quest.

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  1. There’s actually some interesting alternate dialog if you light the blue flame furnace _before_ you enter the lab and talk to the Purah. The same goes for the Akkala lab too.