Dueling Peaks Region Shrines List [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]


This page contains all the shrines that you can find around the Dueling Peaks region. Click the name of each shrine for a full walkthrough on how to finish it.

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Dueling Peaks Shrines

Shrine Rune Ability Trial Sheikah Monk Location
Bosh Kala Shrine Bosh Kala When heading to the SE side of Central Hyrule, travel the road past the East Post Ruins. This leads you to the River Hyliea on the road to the Dueling Peaks.
Ree Dahee Shrine Ree Dahee The shrine is located beneath the Dueling Peaks themselves. If you look above the river that runs through them on a small ridge, you’ll find the shrine on the North side.
Ha Dahamar Shrine Ha Dahamar If you’re heading for this shrine, it’s located across the road from the Dueling Peaks Stable. When looking for the entrance, you should spot it if you see spikes. Either glide across from higher ground or place a platform using the Cryonis Rune to float over the spikes. When you clear the shrine, the spikes disappear.
Ta’loh Naeg Shrine Ta’loh Naeg Head for the outskirts of Kakariko Village. When you get there, check the northern reaches of the Dueling Peaks. After that, climb up a path north of the village before you reach a small clearing before the Great Fairy Fountain.
Hila Rao Shrine Hila Rao When searching for this shrine, Hila Rao is on the outskirts of the Dueling Peaks region. Head northwest on the Floret Sandbar.
Shee Vanath Shrine Shee Vanath From Shee Vaneer, you can paraglide down straight to Shee Vanath. It’s hidden in a small nook.
Shee Vaneer Shrine Shee Vaneer Shee Vaneer requires a bit of climbing. Across from Shee Vanath, paraglide  and climb the mountain to the highest peak.
Lakna Rokee Shrine Lakna Rokee The shrine is nearest to the Great Fairy Fountain. It’s a bit south from there. Go through Kakariko Village and then head east.
Toto Sah Shrine Toto Sah Southeast from the Dueling Peaks, you’ll find it lying along a small stream. When you get there, bomb the wall blocking the entrance.

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