Divine Beast Vah Ruta Walkthrough [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

Visiting the Divine Beast Vah Ruta is one of the main requirements to finish the main quest Free the Divine Beasts. If you want to accomplish the said main quest, you have to visit five Divine Beasts in the game.

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Walkthrough: Divine Beast Vah Ruta

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Muzu’s Aid

Go out of the throne room then head down to the square just below the area. Before going down, equip the Zora Armor first as it lets you swim faster and swim up the waterfalls.

Once you reach the square below, speak to Muzu and Sidon. Sidon will ask you to go to the waterfall to the east of the Zora Domain, but first, you need to gather 20 Shock Arrows.

Side Quest: Zora Helm

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Before heading to the east waterfall, there is an inscription around the area about the Zora Helm. Head north of the domain and use your Zora Armor to swim up the large waterfall and go up to the very top to reach Toto Lake. You will find a submerged ruins in the area, so look around using your Magnesis Rune until you spot a chest under the ruins. Reel the chest up and you will get the Zora Helm. This head gear increases your swimming speed, as well as giving you a spin attack while swimming underwater.

Ploymus Mountain and the Lynel

Before leaving the domain, talk to Laflat, a Zora that will give you a side quest that involves taking a picture of a creature called the Lynel. After speaking to her, head out of the gate to the east through the second floor bridge. Take the left path from the signpost to Mikau Lake then swim up the waterfalls to go to Lulu Lake and to Ploymus Mountain. Keep in mind that your objective for now is to collect 20 Arrows.

As you go along the waterfall, there will be two arrows on a tree to the left, and there will be another arrow at a tree further up. Go up the path and you will find the fourth arrow in a tree right next to the signpost.

Once you reach the summit, you will be able to spot the Lynel. Do not engage combat against this enemy as it is more powerful than you, so always remain out of sight in order for you to accomplish the side quest that Laflat has given to you. You can hide behind the rocks and trees in the area (the trees here also gives you arrows) and take a picture of it while hiding. If the Lynel spots you, run away as fast as possible as it will shoot you with a barrage of powerful shock arrows which can kill you in an instant.

After you’re done collecting arrows and taking a picture of the Lynel, head up the side until you reach the top of the peak where you will find the Shatterback Point. Jump down into the reservoir then talk to Sidon. Before going further to confront the Divine Beast, head back to the domain and talk to Lynel and she will give the Zora Greaves if you managed to take a photo of the Lynel.

The Divine Beast

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Go back to Sidon and he will accompany you to a place where you can go inside the dungeon. You would have to shoot one of the pink orbs in the area using the Shock Arrow. However, there will be several ice blocks blocking your way in aiming for the pink orbs.

Vah Ruta will first summon a few ice blocks in the air that travels swiftly. Aim at the ice blocks and shoot them with arrows for them to break, also, you can hit them with large weapons when they are too close. Another way for you to break the ice blocks is using the Cryonis Rune.

Once you’ve broken two ice blocks, the Divine Beast Vah Ruta will throw spiked ice balls at you. All you have to do is to shoot them with an arrow as quickly as possible. After you break all four ice blocks, Vah Ruta will stop and you will be lead to a path leading to the dungeon.

Dungeon – Vah Ruta

This dungeon proves to be a difficult one, thus stock up some arrows, food and weapons on hand.

Within the dungeon are Blight sprouts that deal damage when stepped on, fire some well-placed arrows to a hidden eye to reveal a path, a cutscene will occur. Take out the Guardian Scout, then examine the surroundings on your right for another eye to fire at to provide a next path. Call upon an ice pillar using the Cryonis Rune beneath the gate to hold it in place. Bring up the Sheikah Slate to obtain an upgrade which allows you to control some components of the Divine Beast.

Check the room you’re currently in for a terminal, then inspect the waterpool on the right to discover a chest. Call upon the Magnesis Rune to pull it from underwater, then check its contents for Ancient Spring. Get to the corner that was occupied by the Guardian Scout to locate the Terminal. Again operate the crank’s mechanism to remove the terminal from the water.

Ignore the lower floor for now as it requires several terminals in possession. Proceed to the side of the Divine Beast, your opposite. Ascend the slope and stray away from the Blight to reach the floor above, beware of the Sword Guardian Scout that awaits.

The next terminal cannot be operated with the Rune, board the water paddle at the back then get it to the upper platform. Soar using the paraglider, to reach the platform that rests at the back of the water fountain. Examine the treasure chest to obtain 100 Rupees.

Drop off, keeping track of the water fountain as you go. Call upon the Cryonis Rune to fix the plug and prevent the wheel from running, time it just when the terminal is close to the bottom. When it is successful, this provides you a way to operate the terminal.

Go out then approach the following balcony as you ascend upwards the slope. A Blight and a maw will prevent you from crossing. Take them out before you locate the hidden eye affixed on the wall to clear the infestation. The next area contains another huge wheel albeit lacking the water fountain to operate. Bring up the map then alter the Divine Beast’s arrangement, put the trunk to the top to activate the mechanism to rotate the wheel. Prevent its movement when the chest reaches a flat surface. To unlock it, aim the Stasis Rune at the upper block then strike it, this allows you to obtain the Ancient Core.

The terminal can be operated by obtaining the sphere. Strike the opposite block using the sphere to operate the terminal gate. Allow the ball to to strike the block, then secure the ball with Stasis just when it is about to roll over. This provides ample time to board the terminal before it wears off.

Take the paraglider and soar to the facade to board one of the platforms that ascends to the area with the Spear wielding Guardian Scout. Take it out then push the button to operate the waterfall’s mechanism, this provides you with a path to easily navigate to the next floor. Drop off and swim up the waterfall to climb onto the area where the chest rests containing the Knight’s Halberd.

Go through the hallway then as you reach the end, bring up the map to get a grip of your coordinates. There is a chest blocked by Blight at the edge of the trunk. Head downwards then locate the eye to uncover a chest, open it to reveal an Ancient Shaft.

Scale the trunk to reach the apex, note that the terminal is on the opposite side. Drag the trunk to the top as it takes you off to reach beyond the head. Now descend using the paraglider to get to the head. Pull the trunk down then use the paraglider again to reach the apex. Return the trunk back up, get to the opposite end in order to control the terminal’s mechanism.

Cast your gaze below to find a chest to the left with Blight covering. With the help of the paraglider, descend left then place a shot to the eye from a distance to reveal the chest containing Ice Arrows x10. Return to the canopy of the Divine Beast’s cranium using the paraglider, then drop off to the hole. Be wary of the Blight Maw and aim for the eye situated above to sweep the area. Fix your gaze below to find the last terminal. Examine the crank fixed on the wall, then execute the Magnesis to operate it to create a path on the head. Drag the trunk 4 slots starting from the tip, to extinguish the fire and clear a path to the last terminal.

This clears the way to reach the bottom to operate the console, however just when you thought the coast is clear…

Boss: Waterblight Ganon

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Ganon has dispatched one of his minions, the Waterblight Ganon. Try to guard when he stabs you with a spear due to its long reach. Keeping distance baits him to send his spear flying, while staying close will trigger one of three attacks: his charge, a sweep, or deliver an shock Area of Effect.

Fortunately there are several ways to handle him, the best among which is the spear due to its long reach, while projectiles can reach him from afar. Arm a bow and carefully place some shots to the ocular to land a critical which can potentially incapacitate him. Cryonis is one of the recommended Runes to use. Call upon the pillars for cover as it can break his spear. When it does, Waterblight Ganon will be forced to warp to an area to repair it, making him vulnerable to your strikes. Have the Cryonis Rune ready to provide as a barrier if you suspect that you cannot dodge his attack on time.

If you get his health down to half, he will soon elevate four platforms, thus you have to deal with him as he towers above. He also has the power to levitate, which increases his evasion. He can also call upon ice pillars of his own.

Best to deal with his ice pillars using your own. Rely on the Cryonis Rune to take out the ones he summons, you may also craft bridges to cross platforms. Arm yourself and fire at him with the bow, then dodge with attacks of his own. Aim for his eye to make him stagger and fall to the pool, this leaves him prone to follow up attacks.

If the odds are not in your favor, Remote Bombs act as a Sub-weapon to provide ways to whittle him down. Try to close in on him and summon your ice pillars to provide as platforms to connect a bomb toss right after. Eventually he will go down, and a cutscene will ensue. For your efforts, Mipha will reward you with a unique ability, Mipha’s Grace, which provides additional heals.

Zora’s Domain

Back at the domain, head over to King Zora to trigger a cutscene. In addition to Mipha’s reward, he will grant you access to a treasure chest that has Mipha’s Lightscale Trident. As a bonus, Dento’s workshop offers repair service in case the trident shatters. Before you head over to the next Quest, go around town to discover more Side Quests.

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