Akkala Region Shrines List [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

This page contains all the shrines that you can find in Akkala.

This page contains all the shrines that you can find around the Akkala region. Click the name of each shrine for a full walkthrough on how to finish it.

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Akkala Shrines

Shrine Rune Ability Trial Sheikah Monk Location
Dah Hesho Shrine Dah Hesho Dah Hesho Shrine is located southeast of Akkala Tower. It is on the cliff that overlooks Lake Akkala.
Katosa Aug Shrine Katosa Aug Katosa Aug Shrine lies next to the East Akkala Stable. It is a little ways to the south of Bloodleaf Lake.
Ze Kasho Shrine Ze Kasho Ze Kasho Shrine is on the northwest of Akkala Tower. It overlooks the South Akkala Stable.
Tutsuwa Nima Shrine Tutsuwa Nima Tutsuwa Nima Shrine is found at the Spring of Power.
Ke’nai Shakah Shrine Ke’nai Shakah Ke’nai Shakah Shrine is inside Ulria Grotto. It is northeast of Zora’s domain
Zunai Kai Shrine Zunai Kai Zunai Kai Shrine is on the northeast of Death Mountain. It is at the top of the peak that forms the right “eye” of Skull Lake.
Tu Ka’Loh Shrine Tu Ka’Loh Tu Ka’loh Shrine is located on the Lomei Labyrinth Island.
Ritaag Zumo Shrine Ritaag Zumo Ritaag Zumo Shrine is found in the center of the spiral peninsula hidden from view. It is on the east coast of the Akkala region.

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