The Search for Barta Side Quest Walkthrough [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

The Search for Barta

To gain access to The Search for Barta side quest, you must first finish the Divine Beast Vah Naboris main quest and then start The Thunder Helm side quest. After clearing the said main quest, speak to Liana who is conducting a training session in the courtyard (west corner of Gerudo Town). Before heading towards the next objective, make sure that you have a Hearty Durian in your inventory.

Head to the Gerudo Great Skeleton (southwest of the region) and you will find Barta under the big fossil’s head. You would need a level 2 heat resistance in order to survive. Give her the Hearty Durian to save her then return to Liana and she will give you a Silver Rupee as a reward.

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Link fan

If u are on a rock and not sand shoot 5he moldagu with bomb arrows and do Urburslas fury


There’s also a Fairy fountain down there so get that too. Of all the places she could have gone she went to a desert


If you haven’t done the main story line she won’t be there


I can’t go there since there’s a sandstrom and Molduga.. I need help…

Moody dog

For Molduga heavy weapon spin attack after leaving a bomb on ground for sandstorm mark were you want to go first


Use Urbosa’s fury on it it takes out a lot of its health

Meme So Potatoe

Just shoot as many bomb arrow as u can at moldugua


Place a pin. Set your sand seal straight for the pin and do not change direction. I guarantee you will get there if you do this well


shes not there


same here


Have you done the main story and gotten Naboris? And started the side quest? She will be under the head of it


In order for her to be there you must defeat the divine beast, then go to touch the hair loom but then it should start the quest! Go speak to some guards in the trading court then go

Bandek Vic

There is a hearty durian orchard visible from the forest tower. It’s bottom center on the map.

Look for 2 lizalfos. Shoot them and glide down. They were dancing around durian on the ground. There are more in the trees. You can quick harvest with bombs. The grove comes back. Cook five durian together to get 20 hearts, even if you only have 3.

On the other side of the valley there are mighty banana trees.


Super helpful warning with the hearty durian


You can purchase a Hearty Durian from one of the shops in Gerudo Town if you don’t have any.


It’s in kaza kaza bazzar


Kara kara


Kappa kappa


Shmaka Shmaka