Tips and Tricks: Restore Rusted Weapons [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

This page provides a tip on how to restore worn out weapons and shields. We will be updating this page as we go along.

Restore Rusted Weapons

This section provides a tip on how to restore rusted weapons and shields.

Weapons are useful tools in combat. In Breath of the Wild, they are unfortunately limited to their durability until they become subject to degradation. However, the Kingdom of Hyrule introduces a mechanic that allows Link to get back his weapons to mint condition, in a natural way that bypasses the presence of a blacksmith.

To do this, approach an inhaling Rock Octorok cautiously and toss a Rusty Weapon or Shield. Eventually, it will spit it out and restore the equipment to its prime form.

This table summarizes the weapons and shields that can be thrown to the Rock Octorok.

Rusty Broadsword
Rusty Claymore
Rusty Halberd
Rusty Shield

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  1. The rusted weapons can be of a random quality. Save beforehand, and if you toss one and the Octorok gives you one you one you don’t want, then reset the save and try again. I was able to get a Royal Claymore this way.

    • I wonder if you can get royal guard weapons… they are like “royal” weapons, but black, with really low durability. but they have REALLY high attack, better than the master sword even. best of them is the “royal guard” broadsword. there is even royal guard shield and bow, if you wanted the whole set. only way to get the royal guard weapons is the tunnles under hyrule castle. good thing you dont have to fight ganon when you go in, and you can use them in the outside world. try to find them, they are hard to find, but it is way worth it.

      • also, in the tunnles there is an armory with a TON of royal weapons, and the “royal guard” halberd (did I spell that right?) is in the dining hall, use magnetism to get it out of the fireplace, as you cannot get to it on foot. the aformentioned royal guard broadsword is in a small room behind a breakable wall, dont remember where exactly it is, but I do remember it is probs on same side of tunnles as the library. also the tunnles are the only place to find silver moblins and silver lizal, only two of each in the entire place tho*
        *I say they are only in tunnles because that is the only place I have ever seen them, might be wrong tho.

      • This isnt true i have found royal guard weapons all over the castle, even the top floor. I have gotten a royal guard shield in a room that is high up in the castle above A fireplace, and i have found many enemies carrying the bow.