Shrines List [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

This page contains a list of the Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It provides a summary of the available Shrines, Rune Ability rewarded, Trial Sheikah Monk, and the Shrine Location. We will be updating this as we go along.

This section contains a list of the Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It provides a summary of the available Shrines, Rune Ability rewarded, Trial Sheikah Monk, and the Shrine Location. Each of these shrines gift a Spirit Orb even several depending on the shrine.


A map of where to find all 120 Shrines in Hyrule.

There are several Challenges in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. These challenges will take place in Shrines around the Kingdom of Hyrule. To unlock a Shrine, an important item to be used is the Sheikah Slate.

Within the Shrines, there are obstacles and traps scattered which test Link’s reflexes. Each shrine has their own specific puzzle which challenges the player to think. Some are jump puzzles, others are hunt related. It varies across all areas. It’s also in this place that they offer Runes. Once obtained, this gives the Sheikah Slate additional functions, which in turn grant Link special abilities.

Upon clearing the challenge, Link will gain one Spirit Orb. If Link accumulates enough Spirit Orbs, he can exchange it for an important item.

However, many of these shrines are hard to locate. Some of the shrines are hidden within the mountain peaks. But completing the shrines are not too hard. Nonetheless, each of the shrines has a solution. If there are other ways of solving these shrines, let us know in the comment box!

List of Shrines

Great Plateau

Main Article: Great Plateau Shrines List

  • Ja Baij Shrine – This shrine is near the Oman Au Shrine. Head towards the Eastern area of the Great Plateau. After that, move along South of the Resurrection Tower among the Eastern Abbey ruins. There’s a half-functioning Guardian guarding it. But it can’t move. But it can and will fire a laser for an extreme amount of damage. Since the shrine is located behind it, sneak past the Guardian and climb the walls. Or, you can also trick the Guardian to blasting the walls apart and allow you entrance into the shrine.
  • Ke Namut Shrine – If you’re looking for this shrine, it’s located in the Western area of the Great Plateau. Head up to the top of Mount Hylia. When there, move south towards the Hylia River. You should spot the waterfall that leaves the plateau. From there, you can either use a Deku Leaf to cross on a raft. Or, hike up south of the Temple of Time. But, you’ll need spicy food or warm clothing to survive.
  • Oman Au Shrine – Head to the NE Area of the Great Plateau. Move along North of the Resurrection Tower near a few small ponds.
  • Owa Daim Shrine -South area of the Great Plateau. After that, Climb up to the top of a steep cliff at the SE side of Mount Hylia. When you get there,you can either climb up the hills behind the Temple of Time. Or, climb up from the cliffs near the farm house at the Southern tip of the region. While doing so, use the small platforms along the way to grab your stamina.

Central Hyrule

Main Article: Central Hyrule Shrines List

  • Dah Kaso Shrine – Head down below the Digdogg Suspension Bridge. When you get there, check the Southwestern side of Central Hyrule. It should be just North of the entrance to Gerudo Desert, and West of the Great Plateau.
  • Wahgo Katta Shrine – Check the Southeast side of Central Hyrule. It’s located just up the road from the Riverside Stable.
  • Rota Ooh Shrine – If you’re looking for the shrine, it’s on the west side of Central Hyrule, and is nestled in the hills up above Outskirt Stable North of the Great Plateau.
  • Kaam Ya’tak Shrine – Southwest of the Central Tower.
  • Noya Neeha Shrine – Hidden inside a small cave on the island to the west of Hyrule castle. Either burn the bramble surrounding it or blow up the destructible rocks blocking the entrance with a bomb or bomb arrow.
  • Katah Chuki Shrine – West of Hyrule Castle Town ruins.
  • Namika Ozz Shrine – East of Hyrule castle in Crenel Hills. It’s concealed in the largest of the natural rock circques.
  • Saas Ko’sah Shrine – Hidden inside Hyrule Castle’s Docks.

Dueling Peaks

Main Article: Dueling Peaks Shrines List

  • Bosh Kala Shrine – When heading to the southeastern side of Central Hyrule, travel the road past the East Post Ruins. This leads you to the River Hyliea on the road to the Dueling Peaks.
  • Ree Dahee Shrine – The shrine is located beneath the Dueling Peaks themselves. If you look above the river that runs through them on a small ridge, you’ll find the shrine on the North side.
  • Ha Dahamar Shrine – If you’re heading for this shrine, it’s located across the road from the Dueling Peaks Stable. When looking for the entrance, you should spot it if you see spikes. Either glide across from higher ground or place a platform using the Cryonis Rune to float over the spikes. When you clear the shrine, the spikes disappear.
  • Ta’loh Naeg Shrine – Head for the outskirts of Kakariko Village. When you get there, check the northern reaches of the Dueling Peaks. After that, climb up a path north of the village before you reach a small clearing before the Great Fairy Fountain.
  • Hila Rao Shrine – When searching for this shrine, Hila Rao is on the outskirts of the Dueling Peaks region. Head northwest on the Floret Sandbar.
  • Shee Vanath Shrine – From Shee Vaneer, you can paraglide down straight to Shee Vanath. It’s hidden in a small nook.
  • Shee Vaneer Shrine – Shee Vaneer requires a bit of climbing. Across from Shee Vanath, paraglide  and climb the mountain to the highest peak.
  • Lakna Rokee Shrine – The shrine is nearest to the Great Fairy Fountain. It’s a bit south from there. Go through Kakariko Village and then head east.
  • Toto Sah Shrine – Southeast from the Dueling Peaks, you’ll find it lying along a small stream. When you get there, bomb the wall blocking the entrance.


Main Article: Necluda Shrines List

  • Kam Urog Shrine – Walk past Fort Hateno. However, this shrine only opens when you’ve solved The Cursed Statue Shrine quest. Speak to Calip in the hut nearby to start the quest. Head up the path into a canyon on the left to find an area full of statues. However, you can only complete this at night. When night hits, spot the statue with glowing eyes. Strike the statue with glowing eyes with an arrow to reveal the shrine.
  • Myahm Agana Shrine – If you’re looking for this shrine,head to East Necluda. Take a right in Hateno Village. Walk towards the Main Village’s center near Bolson Construction Homes.
  • Mezza Lo Shrine – Southeast of Lanaryu Tower. Head to the North of Rabia Plain.
  • Tahno O’Ah Shrine – Northeast of the Hateno Research Lab
  • Dow Na’eh Shrine – Paraglide into the Lanayru Promenade. After that, enter the hidden cave behind the waterfall. Climb into the cavern from above to make it easier.
  • Chaas Qeta Shrine – Head far out into the Necluda Sea. It’s on a tiny island that’s easily visible for Hateno Village. Find a tiny wind boat around Hateno Bay (or Deepback Bay). After that, use a leaf to generate wind, allowing you to steer the boat toward Tenoko Island.
  • Jitan Sa’mi Shrine – It’s in a cave at the summit of Mt. Lanaryu on the boarders of Hateno.


Main Article: Lanaryu Shrines List

  • Sheh Rata Shrine – Head to the NW side of the Lanaryu Region. At the West of the Lanaryu Tower, check the river past the Thims Bridge. It empties into a swampy region, located on a small island full of brambles. If you want to get inside the shrine, ignite the brambles with fire.
  • Daka Tuss Shrine – Daka Tuss Shrine is  near the Lanaryu Tower. Head to the SW marsh area of Lanaryu. Check past Lanaryu Tower on Shrine island. Sometimes, several Lizalfos and a Guardian Scout patrol the area.
  • Soh Kofi Shrine – When searching for this shrine, head north of Lanaryu Tower.From there, look above the blue ridge where you first meet Prince Sidon of Zora. After that, another Zora waits outside to point you in his direction.
  • Ne’ez Yohma Shrine – If you want to go to this shrine, it’s located in the heart of Zora’s Domain. Head below the Throne Room and search behind the statue of Mipha.
  • Rucco Maag Shrine – South of the Zora’s Domain. Either go through the barbs or fly over the barbs surrounding it.
  • Shai Yota Shrine – It’s in Horon Lagoon, southeast from Zora’s Domain.
  • Dagah Keek Shrine – Southwest of Zora’s Domain. It’s initially buried underground.
  • Kaya Wan Shrine – Eastern edge of Central Hyrule, found just North of Wetland Stable.


Main Article: Faron Shrines List

  • Yah Rin Shrine – When looking for Yah Rin Shrine, it’s overlooking Lurelin village. If you want to find it, head east out of the Faron Region.
  • Qukah Nata Shrine – When you head south of Calora lake, you’ll find that it’s also east of Faron Tower. However, it remains concealed until you complete a certain quest.
  • Shoda Sah Shrine – If you head towards the waterfall, you’ll notice that it’s just south of Riola Spring. You can reach it via a small path to the right of the waterfall.
  • Kah Yah Shrine – If you’re looking for this shrine, it’s concealed in Palmorae Beach. You’ll have to accomplish a quest before getting it though.
  • Tawa Jinn Shrine – When looking for this shrine, head south from Hateno Tower.
  • Korgu Chideh Shrine – The shrine is on Eventide Island, southeast of the world map in the corner. You can use the Paraglider from the tip of Cape Cales if you have the stamina and glide from there to reach the shrine. You can also steer a raft to the island with a Korok leaf.
  • Shai Utoh Shrine – Head south of the Lakeside Stable to find the shrine. It is in a rock cave, hidden from view. You’ll need to destroy the rock that blocks the entrance to it with a Remote Bomb.
  • Muwo Jeem Shrine – The shrine can be found at the top of Cape Cales to the southeast corner of the world map.

Lake Hylia

Main Article: Lake Hylia Shrines List

  • Shae Katha Shrine – Right behind the Spring of Courage.
  • Ka’o Makagh Shrine – A short climb from the south, overlooking  the Highland Stable.
  • Shoqa Tatone Shrine – Hidden on Puffer Beach. Head south of Lake Tower. However, you need to complete a quest to reveal it.
  • Pumaag Nitae Shrine – Between Finra Woods and Pagos Woods.
  • Ishto Soh Shrine – It’s on top of a small plateau just east of Daval Peak. If you’re looking  for an easy search, take notice of a plume of smoke.
  • Ya Naga Shrine – Concealed in Hylia Island. It’s west of the bridge of Hylia.


Main Article: Wasteland Shrines List

  • Jee Noh Shrine – Head towards the entrance to Gerudo Desert. When you reach the mouth of the entrance, walk towards the valley south of Mount Nabooru. From there, make your way east of the Great Plateau’s Mount Hylia.
  • Kay Noh Shrine – It’s close to the Gerudo Desert entrance, top of the cliff that overlooks the Gerudo Canyon Stable.
  • Dako Tah Shrine – It’s found on a small rock plateau to the north of the Gerudo Desert. If you’re coming from the Gerudo Tower, head southeast.
  • Suma Sahma Shrine – This shrine is a little tricky to find. If you head to the top of Mt. Granajh, it’s southeast from the Wasteland Tower. However, to open this shrine, you have to complete a certain quest.
  • Daqo Chisay Shrine – It’s a few steps away from the Gerudo Town entrance. If you’re looking for it, it’s leaning against the wall.
  • Kema Zoos Shrine – It’s lying Northwest of the corner of the Gerudo Desert. When you see a perpetual sandstorm, the shrine is in the middle.
  • Raqa Zunzo Shrine – Raqa Zunzo Shrine lies in the desert sand. When you head out of Gerudo Town, make your way south. Once you do so, you can reveal it after completing the corresponding quest.
  • Hawa Koth Shrine – It’s found Southwest  corner of the world map. If you’re looking for a clue, look underneath the Gerudo Great Skeleton located at Dragon’s Exile.
  • Dila Maag Shrine – When you enter  the South Lomei Labyrinth, head towards the heart of the labyrinth. However to open it, you need to complete a certain quest.
  • Tho Kayu Shrine – It’s buried in the Toruma Dunes. If you’re looking for a better landmark, head to Gerudo Town. Once there, head west.
  • Korsh O’Hu Shrine – When you’re heading to this shrine, head  east of Gerudo Town. You can also hear about it from Rotana.
  • Misae Suma Shrine – It’s in the southeast corner of the Gerudo Desert, east of the Southern oasis.

Gerudo Highlands

Main Article: Gerudo Highlands Shrines List

  • Kuh Takkar Shrine – When you head out to the Gerudo Highlands, head east towards it. After doing so, you should find it at the foot of Laparoh Mesa Peak.
  • Kema Kosassa Shrine – The shrine is at the foot of Mount Agaat, near the western edge of the Gerudo Highlands.
  • Keeha Yoog Shrine – You can find the shrine in the Gerudo Highlands. It is to the northeast of the Gerudo Summit. To initiate the Shrine Quest Cliffside Etchings, talk to Geggle at the Tabantha Bridge Stable.
  • Sasa Kai Shrine – This shrine is at the top of Gerudo Tower. However, it’s hard to find since it hides behind the peaks. If you want to expose the tower, stand on the Sheikah platform. Then, at around 3PM, the platform will turn red. When it does, shoot an arrow at the sun when it aligns with the tower.
  • Sho Dantu Shrine – If you want to make this shrine appear, drop a Luminous Stone on the flowing pedestal. However, if you do not have any, destroy the mineral deposits surrounding the pedestal. That way, you can grab a Luminous Stone and drop it on the shrine.
  • Joloo Nah Shrine – North of the Wasteland Tower. Head east of Koukot Plateau.

Hyrule Ridge (Ridgeland Tower)

Main Article: Hyrule Ridge (Ridgeland Tower) Shrines List

  • Shae Loya Shrine – For Shae Loya Shrine, head to the NW tip of Hyrule Ridge. It’s right before the Tabantha Bridge, above the Tabantha Bridge Stable
  • Zalta Wa Shrine – Southeast of Ridgeland Tower, plain sight of Breach of Demise canyon.
  • Toh Yasa Shrine – Hidden in the Thundra Plateau to the west of Ridgeland Tower. Complete the shrine quest first to reveal it.
  • Mijah Rokee Shrine – Southwest of Ridgeland Tower.
  • Maag No’rah Shrine – Sealed cave midway between Hebra and Ridgeland Towers.
  • Sheem Dagoze Shrine – Appears to the south of Ridgeland Tower after completing the corresponding quest.
  • Mogg Latan Shrine – Southwest of Ridgeland Tower, it’s at the south side of Satori Mountain’s peak.
  • Monya Toma Shrine – Situated in the Woodland Region, the Monya Toma Shrine sits at Ridgeland Tower’s Northeast section nearby Salari Hill’s peak.


Main Article: Tabantha Shrines List

  • Akh Va’quot Shrine – If you’re heading here, head towards the center of Lake Totori. While there, check inside the Rito Village up on the upper levels.
  • Sha Warvo Shrine – North of Rito Village, on the outskirts of the Flight Range. Make your way to the north of Lake Totori.
  • Bareeda Naag Shrine – South of Rito village but buried deep in the ground. However, complete the Divine Beast Vah Medoh shrine first.
  • Voo Lota Shrine – West of Rito village. Complete the shrine quest after clearing the Divine Beast Vah Medoh Dungeon.
  • Tena Ko’ Sah Shrine – Tena Ko’ Sah Shrine is located south of Tabantha Tower. It is at the east end of the Ancient Columns area.
  • Kah Okeo Shrine – This shrine is found on the southwest corner of the Tabantha region. It is to the west of the Rayne Highlands.


Main Article: Hebra Shrines List

  • Hia Miu Shrine – Far northwest corner of the map, base of Icefall Foothills.
  • Qaza Tokki Shrine – North of Lomei Labyrinth to the northeast of Tabantha Snowfield.
  • Mozo Shenno Shrine – The shine is in a small cave hidden at the top of Biron Snowshelf. It’s right under the eastern edge of the plateau. If you speak to Molli, a young Rito found close to Harth during the day at Rito Village, it puts you right on track to speak to her.
  • Shada Naw Shrine – Few steps north of Selmie’s Spot.
  • Sha Gehma Shrine – When you’re moving far north, you’ll find the shrine at the far north of Tabantha Field.
  • Goma Asaagh Shrine – If you’re looking for this cave then, check the small cave at the foot of Hebra Peak. It’s behind large blocks of ice.
  • To Quomo Shrine – When you enter Hebra North Summit, it’s the heart of a cave.
  • Rok Uwog Shrine – Head north of Hebra Tower and you’ll find it at the north end of Pikida Stonegrove.
  • Maka Rah Shrine – When you’re looking for this shrine, you’ll find it hidden inside a cave. If you’re at Lake Kilsie, you’ll find it halfway the western side of the lake. It’s also northwest of Rito Village.
  • Rin Oyaa Shrine – This shrine lies north east of the Hebra Tower. If you take a few steps away from the Snowfield Stable, you’ll find it under a rock.
  • Lanno Kooh Shrine – Head directly west of Hebra Tower just north of the eastern tip of Hebra Plunge.
  • Dunba Taag Shrine – Head southwest of the Hebra Tower. At the bottom of Tanagar Canyon, in the canyon’s bend directly south of Tama Pond.
  • Gee Ha’rah Shrine – It’s a shrine hidden northwest of Hebra Tower. If you need a landmark, it’s just south of Kopeeki Drifts.

Great Hyrule Forest

Main Article: Great Hyrule Forest Shrines List

  • Mirro Shaz Shrine – Mirro Shaz Shrine is on the northeast of the Woodland Stable.
  • Keo Ruug Shrine – Korok Forest of the Great Hyrule Forest. Check the foot of the Great Deku Tree himself. If you want to enter there, You must go through the Lost Woods to get there.
  • Ketoh Wawai Shrine – Ketoh Wawai Shrine is hidden deep in the Thyphlo Ruins north of the Great Hyrule Forest.
  • Rona Kachta Shrine – Rona Kachta Shrine is found at the northeast side of the Tanagar Canyon. It is hidden inside the Forgotten Temple.
  • Daag Chokah Shrine – Daag Ckohah Shrine is in the northwest corner of the Great Hyrule Forest.
  • Kuhn Sidajj Shrine – The Shrine Kuhn Sidajj stands along the shore of Lake Salia in the Great Hyrule Forest.
  • Maag Halan Shrine – Nestled within the Mido Swamp at the Northeast side of the Great Hyrule Forest is the Shrine Maag Halan.


Main Article: Eldin Shrines List

  • Mo’a Keet Shrine – For Mo’a Keet Shrine, it’s located in lower Eldin. From there, head west of Cephla Lake. Once you’re there, it’s up on the hill above Foothill Stable on the road.
  • Shae Mo’sah Shrine – Contained in Goron City at the south end of Death Mountain, it sits along a mountain situated above the city.
  • Daqa Koth Shrine – Daqa Koth Shrine is north of Gorko Lake. Or, you can head southwest from Shae Mo’sah Shrine and past the Goro Cove. Keep walking in that direction until you spot Gorko Lake in the Eldin Region.
  • Kayra Mah Shrine – Kayra Mah Shrine is located to the southeast of the Goron Hot Springs. It is inside a cave known as Gorko Tunnel.
  • Gorae Torr Shrine – Gorae Torr Shrine can be found north of the Death Mountain. It is at the top of Gut Check Rock.
  • Qua Raym Shrine – Qua Raym Shrine is found to the east of Woodland Tower. It is in the middle of Goronbi Lake.
  • Tah Muhl Shrine – Tah Muhl Shrine is located on the southwest of the Foothill Stable. It is directly to the south of Death Mountain.
  • Shah Dahaj Shrine – Shah Dahaj Shrine is found on the west of Akkala Town. It is close to the northern tip of Cephla Lake.
  • Shora Hah Shrine – Shora Hah Shrine is found in the northwest corner of Darunia Lake. It is to the north of Goron City.


Main article: Akkala Shrines List

  • Dah Hesho Shrine – Dah Hesho Shrine is located southeast of Akkala Tower. It is on the cliff that overlooks Lake Akkala.
  • Katosa Aug Shrine – Katosa Aug Shrine lies next to the East Akkala Stable. It is a little ways to the south of Bloodleaf Lake.
  • Ze Kasho Shrine – Ze Kasho Shrine is on the northwest of Akkala Tower. It overlooks the South Akkala Stable.
  • Tutsuwa Nima Shrine – Tutsuwa Nima Shrine is found at the Spring of Power.
  • Ke’nai Shakah Shrine – Ke’nai Shakah Shrine is inside Ulria Grotto. It is northeast of Zora’s domain.
  • Zunai Kai Shrine – Zunai Kai Shrine is on the northeast of Death Mountain. It is at the top of the peak that forms the right “eye” of Skull Lake.
  • Tu Ka’Loh Shrine – Tu Ka’loh Shrine is located on the Lomei Labyrinth Island
  • Ritaag Zumo Shrine – Ritaag Zumo Shrine is found in the center of the spiral peninsula, hidden from view. It is on the east coast of the Akkala region.
  • Kah Mael Shrine – Kah Mael Shrine is found on Tingel Island. Head off the coast to the east of Akkala Tower. You’ll find the shrine in the middle of two mountain ridges.

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