Blood Moon Mechanic [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

Blood Moon

This section covers ground on the unique mechanic in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It will explain the effects both in the immediate overworld and some indirect changes.

Basically, the Blood Moon mechanic, as the name implies, is signaled by the overworld’s moon changing to a deep red hue staining the sky with its radiance. To trigger a Blood Moon, you must have progressed enough to have left the Great Plateau.

How does it happen?

The event occurs at random however it seems that as more enemies are killed the conditions become favorable for a Blood Moon to spawn.

Effects of a Blood Moon

As the unusual bloodstained moon comes up, several things occur.

Enemies Respawn

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When you think about it, dusk is not the only thing that has a creepy vibe as it summons generic Stalkoblins, but during a Blood Moon, nothing is wasted as “every” soul of enemies that has been destroyed by Link will come back to life, with glowing red eyes to boot. This includes the Enemies and Mini-bosses that were taken out prior to the event.

However, if unsettling enemies are not welcoming to you, their loot might. As the environment spawns the dead with their piercing bloodshot eyes, this basically allows you to farm more materials and equipment, especially the Guardians as they drop precious Ancient materials.

Weapons and Materials

Apart from more monsters to slay which is either a trouble or a blessing in disguise, the Blood Moon also calls back weapons and materials. As a mechanic, with Blood Moon which is akin to ‘let nature take its course,’ it hastens the growth of the Kingdom’s plants allowing the materials to sprout this happens to fruits and mushrooms valuable to cooking. At the same time, it encourages enemy settlements to also refill their treasure chests with extra loot.

Thus, the Blood Moon replenishes the contents of enemy camps. It’s best to revisit these areas to obtain any of the weapons and materials worthy of a refill.

Recipe Effects

The Blood Moon is a blessing to everyone who has a knack for cooking. If you already have an experience with the mechanic, you would occasionally hear a sound which means that you have attained a critical success, which provides bonus effects to your cooked food.

Similar to time-based Side Quests, cooking during a Blood Moon grants you a bonus which is normally difficult to attain during regular times. Specifically cooking at 11:30 pm will grant you the chance to gain the benefits of critical bonus.

Mysterious Changes

By conversing with some NPCs, the dialogue will vary from the norm. Go around the Kingdom and inspect the Towns. You might just come across on some absurd and incomprehensible behavior from the townsfolk.

The event only comes around 11:30 pm and will disappear at midnight after the cutscene ensues. Be sure to warp to accomplish any tasks of concern before the time is up.

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