Free the Divine Beasts Walkthrough [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

Although there are a number of approaches to deal with this quest, this walkthrough aims to arrange them in order of difficulty. Refer to the Table of contents and hover to the location of interest.

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Walkthrough: Free the Divine Beasts

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Zora’s Domain

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Begin the Quest. Choose which path to take, the first path requires that you proceed North of Kakariko Village, passing by Ta’loh Naeg Shrine to reach Lanayru Tower. Navigate with the Paraglider to pass by the stream, bear in mind that the tower is guarded by groups of Bokoblins and Moblins.

There are additional options to get to the destination. You may hop from one island to another by passing on foot, being careful of the Shrine Daka Tuss Guardian. Another path is to go through Central Hyrule, through North path of Dueling Peaks Tower. This route passes by the Riverside Stable and Shrine Wahgo Katta. Ahead is Wetland Stable, adjacent to where Shrine Kaya Wan stands. Cross the Bridge – Thims, then turn right to reach Lanayru Tower which passes Shrine Sheh Rata.

Either reach Lanayru Tower by bridge or from the other side to trigger an event. Reach the highest floor of Resurrection Tower to encounter the Zora – Gruve then interact with him for a chat. Encounter Zidon for the following Quest.

Goron City

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Summon your mount to hasten the travel time, then proceed to ascend to Eldin Canyon. Pay close attention when you pass by Trilby Valley on your left as an Ice Wizzrobe can send a blizzard at you.

Upon reaching the split path, remember that the right takes you to Akkla region, whereas the opposite path directs you to the Maw of Death Mountain. It might be difficult to trust the passersby here as some of them might be hostile members of the Yiga Clan. In front of you is a route teeming with armed Bokoblins, which takes you to Foothill Stable, adjacent to it is the Shrine Mo’a Keet that rests on a mountain. Stock up on some Fireproof Elixirs by interacting with the merchant girl – Gaile before you depart for Death Mountain. In addition, this location houses an ore selling merchant, and a potential Shrine Quest for you to partake.

Press on to reach Death Mountain’s first marker, a set of water paths. The Tower of Eldin towers above it. The path straight ahead is swarming with fire chuchu and fire keese. Avoid confronting the Guardian, to get past either aim a well-placed shot to the ocular to buy time to go through, or scale some rocks.

After avoiding the grasp of the dangerous Guardian, locate the cavern where Fire Keese abound. The second marker stops you from continuing the path while mounted, thus continue on foot.

Scale the mountain with precaution as molten fire will spew and burn anything close to ashes. This the best time to use Flameproof Elixirs. Going around the hill may help avoid the impact of the heat to reach Eldin Tower, however it is not advised as you eventually encounter the Guardian blocking the path. One approach to get by is to ride the paraglider from the towering mountain to reach the opposite pole behind the Guardian. Be wary of the Lizalfos that blocks the chest and the path to Eldin Tower.

Flameproof Elixir is required to reach Goron Village. Descend the trail and square off against any intruding Fire Chuchu and Rock Octorok. Pay attention when they suck as this leaves them vulnerable to suck a bomb attack.

Head to the valley to find some surrounding lava rocks, keep in mind that the Talus miniboss, Igneo Talus rests here. Dash through then immediately scale the cliff to prevent suffering from the lava rocks. Pass through the bridge to enter the Goron Southern Mine.

Kima from Hylia has established a house here and promises to pass on to you a Fireproof Armor in exchange for 10 Fireproof Lizards from the surrounding location. Stock up on those to obtain this special armor, and in addition, you may also craft Flameproof Elixirs by gathering the appropriate ingredients.

With a reasonable amount of fire resistance through the newly acquired goods, the latter half of the exploration should have reasonably protected you from the element. However, this does not grant you invincibility just yet as ascending the stretch of the slope triggers some magma to come tumbling down. Therefore, reach for a barrier to avoid suffering damage, then keep going until the Divine Beast appears.

Eventually you will find yourself in Goron City. This place offers a wide range of Fireproof materials and tasks. Speak to the darting Goron youngster Offrak to stock up on Flameproof Elixirs, interact in the Armory to purchase pieces for the Flamebreaker Set. Additionally, the city has two shops, and an inn. Shrine Shae Mo’sah also towers above Goron. Make way for the Godon Boss Bludo at the back who guards the big charcoal building.

Rito Village

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Proceed North to reach Outskirt Stable then continue the road to pass by Satori Mountain and Sanidin Park Ruins. Head to the Jeddo Bridge to see a glimpse of the Divine Beast that glides through the clouds. Getting to the top will be a tough feat without proper armaments as it requires treading the Lizalfos infested waters coupled with Electric Wizzrobes.

To the west of Ridgeland tower lies the Tabantha Bridge Stable, with Shrine Shae Loya towering at the top of the area.

When heading to the valley beneath Piper Ridge, take caution of the Fly Guardians that have taken base around the rocky columns. Study their movement patterns then summon your horse companion to blaze through to avoid confronting them. Alternatively, climb the ridge to pass safely.

Watch out for mobs of Moblins, Bokoblins and Lizalfos as you climb up Tabantha Tower.

A massive ridge is blocked by a Stone Talus, note the bridge across. Bear in mind that there’s a Lizalfos monitoring the remaining canyon that you need to pass. This path shall take you to the mountain that connects to Rito Stable and its village.

There are several tasks to accomplish as you arrive at Rito Village. Go around the area to discover an inn, the general goods, and an outfit shop. Take on a couple of Side Quests if you prefer, then visit the Rito Elder who is staying nearby Shrine Akh Va’quot.

Gerudo Village

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From Great Plateau, take the West exit, then summon the mount and head southwards from Outskirt Stable. A few things to take note of during the trip are some mounted Bokoblins along the way, as well as tumbling boulders. Sooner or later, these might tend to barricade your path, but break free by calling upon the Magnesis Rune.

Continue until you find the farthest end of the canyon to which connects you to Gerudo Canyon Stable, again with the corresponding Shrine Kay Noh that towers on top. Inspect the South to find quarry alongside the mountains that can be scaled, then take a breather as you roam even deeper South to get a glimpse of Wasteland Tower.

Climb the ladders which takes you East through the rocky bridges. The area is guarded by Moblins joined by electric keese and chuchu. Take them out while you scale the  area to arrive at the archway. Enter by going through or scale it to discover the right tower.

The Wasteland Tower does not offer much threats, however best to keep an eye for the sucking bog. At one end, rests several rock slabs accompanied by metal crates. The trick is to put the crates on top of the other to provide a platform nearby the slabs. Follow up by smashing the crate into the slabs to knock them down until one becomes inclined against the tower, this should create a path upwards.

Once that’s done, return to the stable to prepare for the journey to the desert. The problem however is that you cannot cross the desert while mounted, thus there is no other choice but to continue on foot. Approach the next set of trees to find the Divine Beast that approaches, summoning a storm. Head to Kara Kara Bazaar to uncover some unfortunate information.

Head Southwest to Gerudo Town, make sure to equip the proper Armor depending on time of day. Another thing to note is that Electric Lizalfos have hidden themselves here. Take a pit-stop at Shrine Daqo Chisay beside the entrance to trigger an event. Fortunately, there is a figure nearby that knows the secret to entering the Shrine.

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