Lost Judgment - SP Farming Guide

A guide on how to earn SP fast in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). Included are the best ways to farm SP, how to get SP items (Hug Bombs), and the best areas to farm them in the game.

Lost Judgment - How to Farm SP Farming Guide

How to Farm Skill Points (SP) in Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment - How to Farm SP Farming Guide

Skill Points (SP) are a valuable character resource in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2) that lets you unlock skills to use both in and out of combat. Below are the best methods to farm SP in the game, including recommended mini-games and activities to do, items that grant SP, and the best areas to earn SP.

Best Skills to Get

Progress through the Main Story

You can easily earn a good amount of SP by just going through the game’s main story. The SP you get should be enough for you to unlock the best skills to take on various enemies, including bosses, during your first playthrough.

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Achieve Battle Rewards

Obtain bonus SP by clear specific rewards while defeating enemies. You can obtain more than one battle rewards based on the complexity of your achievements.

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Buy Hug Bombs

You can also gain SP by purchasing and using Hug Bombs sold at Kotobuki Pharmacy and at Poppo convenience store throughout the game. This method of farming SP requires a lot of money as you will need to purchase the Hug Bombs which cost from 10,000 to 140,000 Yen depending on the type you will buy.

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All Hug Bomb Items List and Effects

Below is a list of all Hug Bomb consumable types in the game, including their price at shops and how much SP they grant upon consuming them.

Item Price (Yen) Effect
Hug Bomb 10,000 Get 300 SP
Hug Bomb Alpha 30,000 Get 900 SP
Hug Bomb Beta 80,000 Get 2400 SP
Hug Bomb Omega 140,000 Get 4500 SP

You can only have up to three Hug Bombs in your inventory at a time so use them if you need to buy more. Note that Kotobuki Pharmacy’s stock of Hug Bombs is limited. This is not the case for Poppo convenience store, allowing you to buy as many as you want as long as you have enough money and inventory space.

Street Shogi Trials

Street Shogi is another way to earn SP. Try to clear all of the trials to earn lots of SP until you unlock the Final Trial. This can be done more easily using the App. Upon unlocking the Final Trial, you can keep playing it to earn 52 SP each time.

Clearing the Final Trial also rewards you with 15000 points which can be used to exchange for various types of platters. These can then be sold to earn money, allowing you to buy more Hug Bombs to earn more SP.

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