Lost Judgment - Game Difficulty Guide

A guide on all game difficulty modes in Lost Judgment. Included are details on all difficulty settings, features and changes applied based on difficulty,how to get the Legendary Detective trophy, and other useful information.

Lost Judgment - Game Difficulty Guide

Game Difficulty Guide

Lost Judgment features a number of difficulty modes to experience the game based on your preference and experience. This guide will help you decide which difficulty setting to play on whether you are a new player or are an  experienced veteran of action games.


Below are all trophies related to game difficulty in Lost Judgment and the conditions to unlock them in the game.

Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Gold TrophyLegendary Detective Beat the main story on the highest difficulty.

Trophy List

All Game Difficulty Modes in Lost Judgment

Below are all game difficulty settings in the game and useful details on each of them.

Difficulty Details
EX Easy
  • Features very easy battles with the least challenging enemies.
  • Action assist is enabled.
  • Recommended for players new to action games or who simply want to enjoy the main story.
  • Features easy battles with enemies providing a little challenge.
  • Recommended for players new to action games.
  • The standard difficulty which features average to challenging battles against enemies.
  • Recommended for new players and those fairly familiar with action games.
  • Features tough battles against challenging enemies.
  • Recommended for those familiar with action games.
EX Hard (to be confirmed)

Changes Applied Based on Game Difficulty


Battles are more challenging on higher difficulties. Enemies will deal more damage and will be more aggressive when playing on harder game modes.

Judgement Actions and Tailing

Lower difficulty modes allow you to cancel picks and judgements made to get the correct results. The special actions gauge during tailing (or pursuits) will also not be depleted when performing “cheat” actions on EX Easy. This is not the case for higher difficulty modes.

Other Useful Information

Difficulty can be changed at any time.

You can change the game’s difficulty at any time during play from the game menu. Because of this option, you can easily adjust the difficulty setting if you are stuck at a particular encounter or boss. Try to get a feel for the game difficulty you are most comfortable with or have the most fun playing on throughout the main story.

EX Hard Mode (To be confirmed)

While not yet confirmed from official sources, it is expected that EX Hard Mode can be unlocked and will feature the toughest challenge to players during battles.

Legendary Detective Trophy

The Legendary Detective Trophy (Gold) can only be unlocked by beating the game on the “hardest” difficulty.

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