Lost Judgment - Money Farming Guide

A guide on how to earn money fast in Lost Judgment, including the best areas to farm Yen, sellable items, and side cases (side quests) and mini games to do in the game.

Lost Judgment - Money Farming Guide

Money Farming Guide

Below are the best methods to earn money fast in Lost Judgment. Included are recommended items to farm and sell, and side cases and mini games to do to farm money efficiently during the main story.

Collect and Sell Items Collected by Your Drone

One of the best ways to earn money fast is to collect and sell pyroxene items and other rare extract materials found on top of signboards and other outdoor structures and buildings. These items are usually only accessible by flying a drone and snatching them from above. Pyroxene items sell for around 40,000 Yen to 50,000 Yen, allowing you to earn a lot of cash quickly.

Pyroxene Items and Sell Price

Name Selling Price (Yen)
Red Pyroxene 41,500
Blue Pyroxene 41,500
Yellow Pyroxene 41,500
Rainbow Pyroxene 50,000
Eye of the Dragon 29,500
Sacred Wood 25,000

Extract Materials and Sell Price

Name Selling Price (Yen)
Eye of the Dragon 29,500
Sacred Wood 25,000

Drone Item Farming Method

Alley behind Theater Square – Nanafuku Street – Nanafuu Street (East Side)

Below is a good farming route to take for collecting items quickly around Kamurocho.

1 Begin at the alley behind the theater square to the west.
2 Fly the drone from the alley going to the theater square and continue to Nanafuku Street going west. You will usually find items as you pass by the bowling alley and at the signboard of Smile Burger.
3 When you reach Nanafuku Street, move along the road to the hotel area and start heading for Nanafuku Street – East Side. You should find  items on outdoor structures, signboards, and street lights.
4 After you reach Nanafuku Street – East Side, you have completed one lap of the farming route.
5 Note that the items found throughout the areas you covered will take time to respawn so you may need to wait a while before you can do another farming run.

Alternate Farming Route

Nanafuku Street – Senryo Street (North Side) – Pink Street

It is also possible to fly the drone through an alternate route by going from Nanafuku Street to Senryo Street – North Side and end at Pink Street. However, the chances of getting items from this route appear to be lower compared to the one detailed above.

Tips for Farming Items using the Drone

  • Remember to fly your drone slowly while scouring each location during farming to avoid missing any items you might be able to collect.

Collect and Sell Rare Plate (Dish) Items using Treasure Lucky Effect

You can also earn money by finding and selling rare plates found in the streets. To increase your chances of getting plates, it is recommended to activate the random Treasure Lucky effect by eating at a meal at restaurants.

Since you cannot eat a meal when your health is at full, have your self take damage by getting hit by a car. Then, look for a restaurant that has food on the menu that can randomly grant the Treasure Lucky effect and eat a meal there.

Upon gaining the effect, go around the streets to find plates while the effect is active. Afterwards, sell the plates you find at Ebisuya to earn money.

Exchange Points Earned in Street Shogi for Rare Plate Items and Sell Them

Playing through the Street Shogi trials lets you earn points which can be exchanged for rare plates. Try to clear all trials to unlock the Final Trial which rewards you with 15000 points each time you complete it. Rare plates you obtain from the exchange shop can then be sold off for money.

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