Lost Judgment - Tiger Skill List

List of all unlockable tiger skills in Lost Judgment grouped by category. This includes their description and and SP requirement in the game.

Lost Judgment - Tiger Skill List

All Tiger Skills in Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment - Tiger Skill List

Here are all unlockable tiger skills for Yagami in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2), including their description, SP costs, and unlock conditions.

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Some skills would require Skill Books in order to unlock. For a list of Skill Books and their locations, check our list:

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When to Use Tiger Style

Lost Judgment - Tiger Style

All Battle Styles

The Tiger Style is a balanced style with a variety of offensive, defensive, and evasive maneuvers designed for single-enemy fights.

  • Designed for one-on-one fights.
  • Execute powerful, focused attacks that can break an enemy’s guard.
  • Perform versatile EX Actions that can demolish a single opponent.

Tiger Skills

Tiger skills consist largely of fighting techniques under the Tiger style.

Skill Skill Description SP Cost Requirement
Tiger’s Hidden Arts Lv. 1 Temporarily boosts your attack power after landing a Finishing Blow.
Activates during attacks where △/y is held.
2,500 SP Already available
Tiger’s Hidden Arts Lv. 2 10,000 SP Tiger’s Hidden Arts Lv. 1
Secret of the Tiger 20,000 SP Tiger’s Hidden Arts Lv. 2
 Flashing Palm When at full health, Charge Attacks will nullify the enemy’s defense.
Hold □/x after a △/y attack.
5,000 SP Already available
Quickstep Blow An attack performed from a Quickstep. Perfect for striking enemies who leave themselves open after attacking. Perform this as a Charge Attack to deal more damage.
Dodge with x/a, then press or hold △/y.
5,000 SP Already available
Triple Finisher Deliver an even more powerful strike after the second hit of a Finishing Blow.
Press △/y after landing a Double Finisher.
10,000 SP Already available
Rising Blow Attack enemies while getting back up from the ground.
Press △/y while on the ground.
2,000 SP Already available
Knockdown Reversal Cancel a knockdown that would toss you back and turn it into a reversal attack.
Press △/y while being knocked back.
5,000 SP Already available
Heart of a Champion Charge up the EX Gauge with every attack you block.
Activates while holding L1/LB.
1,200 SP Already available
Re-Guard Pull yourself together after your guard is broken, allowing you to quickly guard once again.
Hold L1/LB immediately after your guard is broken.
1,200 SP Already available
Guard Roll Perform an evasive roll from a guard.
Hold L1/LB, press x/a.
2,500 SP Already available
Perfect Guard Guard just an opponent attacks to create an opening.
Press L1/LB just as the enemy attacks.
10,000 SP Already available
Flux Fissure 10,000 SP Acquire the “Flux Fissure” Skill Book
Flux Fissure: Crouching Tiger 20,000 SP Perfect Guard, Flux Fissure
Perfect Guard: Hardened 40,000 SP Flux Fissure: Crouching Tiger
Guard Reversal Counterattack immediately after guarding an enemy attack.
Hold □/x or △/y after an enemy attacks you while guarding.
5,000 SP Already available
Double Quickstep Gain the ability to evade twice in a row.
Press x/a twice.
5,000 SP Already available
Dodge Roll 20,000 SP Double Quickstep
Dragon’s Crushing Fist 40,000 SP Acquire the “To Crush a Dragon” Skill Book
Powerslide 5,000 SP Acquire the “Skateboard Rocketeer” Skill Book
EX Human Ramp 10,000 SP Powerslide
EX Finishing Blow: Tiger An intense Finishing Blow executed during an EX Boost combo.
Press △/y after a △/y combo during EX Boost.
5,000 SP Already available
EX Rockbreaker A powerful combo attack that’s unleashed right after breaking the enemy’s guard.
Press △/y right as you break the enemy’s guard.
1,200 SP Already available
EX Infuriating Counter Deftly handle and counter an enemy’s enraged attack.
Press △/y against an enemy’s attack while taunting.
2,500 SP Already available
EX Flowing Kick A merciless, high-speed attack unleashed upon stunned enemies.
Press △/y near stunned enemies.
5,000 SP Already available
EX Reverse Beatdown When on the verge of death, unleash this skill while grabbing an enemy.
Grab an enemy and press △/y when at low health.
5,000 SP Already available
EX True Tiger Dances with Crane An attack of pure devastation. Pierce through the enemy with the energy you’ve built up. Uses all of your EX Gauge. Damage depends on how much EX Gauge is spent.
Press △/y near an enemy is agony.
40,000 SP Already available

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