Lost Judgment - Battle Styles Guide

Overview and guide about Battle Styles in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2), including when to use them against enemies faced in battle

Lost Judgment - Battle Styles Guide

Battle Style Guide in Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment - Battle Styles Guide

In Lost Judgment (Judgment 2), Yagami has access to three battle styles that he can use to eliminate enemies in the game. The first two battle styles, Crane Style and Tiger Style are original battle styles from the first Judgment game while the Snake Style is a newly introduce battle style.

How to switch styles

Use the down button of your directional pad to switch battle styles.

Crane Style

Lost Judgment - Crane Style

Crane Style Guide

The Crane Style is a highly evasive style centered around crowd control and mobility. Yagami’s attacks have a wider reach and can hit multiple enemies at once while in Crane. He can also perform successive dodges and even combo into aerial abilities with Sky Dancer.

  • Designed to keep large groups at bay.
  • Dish out quick attacks that cover a wide area.
  • Perform EX Actions that target multiple opponents.

All Crane Style Skills

Tiger Style

Lost Judgment - Tiger Style

Tiger Style Guide

The Tiger Style is a balanced style with a variety of offensive, defensive, and evasive maneuvers designed for single-enemy fights.

  • Designed for one-on-one fights.
  • Execute powerful, focused attacks that can break an enemy’s guard.
  • Perform versatile EX Actions that can demolish a single opponent.

All Tiger Style Skills

Snake Style

Lost Judgment - Snake Style

Snake Style Guide

The Snake Style focuses on swift, flowing strikes and counterattacks. It works especially well against those carrying weapons.

  • Designed to counter armed opponents.
  • Parry attacks and slam enemies with a diverse array of swift techniques.
  • Perform EX Actions that can instantly take out an enemy.

All Snake Style Skills

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