Lost Judgment - Emily Girlfriend Guide

A guide on how to make Emily S. Mochizuki your girlfriend in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). Included are the condtions to unlock Emily's romance quests, chapter unlocked, required school stories and side cases, how to increase intimacy, recommended presents and conversation topics, and date responses.

Lost Judgment - Emily Girlfriend Guide

Emily Girlfriend Guide

Lost Judgment - Emily Girlfriend Guide

Name Emily S. Mochizuki
Model and Voice Actor Lynn
Age 24
Hobbies Fashion, sleeping

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How to Unlock Emily’s Intimacy Side Cases

You can court Emily after clearing the Girls Bar school story during Chapter 3: Two Sides of the Same Coin. She can be found at her workplace Girl’s Bite.

Steps to Make Emily Your Girlfriend

1 Clear the Girls Bar school story.
2 Increase intimacy level by going to Girl’s Bite and talking to Emily (ask for her contact details and schedule).
3 Increase intimacy to level 2 and go your first date (side case).
4 Increase intimacy to level 3 and go on your second date (side case).
5 Increase intimacy to level 4 to trigger the confession event (side case).
6 Officially make Emily your girlfriend.

Increasing Intimacy with Emily

Get Emily’s contact details.

After clearing the Girls Bar school event, you will be able to increase intimacy with Emily by talking to her frequently. Since she works at Girl’s Bite, you need to get her contact details. When asked for the reason, tell her that you want to get her contact details to know her schedule (working hours).

Give Emily presents.

You can give Emily gifts such as earrings and other items to increase your intimacy with her as well. The amount of intimacy increases based on the kind of give you offer. Note that there is no deadline as to when you should reach a certain intimacy level in the game. Because of this, feel free to give her any gift (even not-so-expensive ones).

Emily mostly likes gifts bought from La Chatte Blance (Ijincho) and Le Marche (Kamurocho) so drop by the stores when you have time to pick something up for her.

Chat about things that interest Emily.

Your intimacy with Emily will greatly increase if you open up a topic of conversation that interests her. To get ideas for topics, listen to people around hangout spots in Ijincho and Kamurocho.

Emily’s favorite conversation topics are indicated below.

Emily’s Favorite Topics
  • Dog Habits

Invite Emily to play games.

You can invite Emily to spend time at the batting cages or playing a game of darts to increase your intimacy with her. Your intimacy level will increase regardless of the outcome, but you will get a more significant increase if you win against her.

Emily Intimacy Side Cases

Leveling up your intimacy level will unlock a side case that will let you go on a date with Emily. Below is a guide for acing all date side quests to increase intimacy with her.

Emily Side Case 1 – First Date Conversation Responses

You can message Emily and invite her to go out on your first date. When asked for the reason for going out, simply tell her that “you want to have dinner with her.”

When you arrive at the restaurant for your first date, use active search and examine Emily. Then, use the responses below to increase intimacy.

Emily’s Hair
  • Tell her you envy her (small increase)
  • Ask her what country her parents are from (small increase)
  • Say her hair is pretty (medium increase).
Emily’s Clothes
  • Tell her that you think there will be a lot of flirting (medium increase)
  • Tell her that you understand how she feels when you flirt with her (medium increase).
Emily’s Nails
  • Tell her that her nails are pretty (large increase).
  • Say that it is great to take care of one’s nails (medium increase).
  • Tell her about spending money on nails (small increase).

Emily Side Case 2 – Second Date Conversation Responses

When you arrive at the restaurant for your second date, use active search and examine Emily.

Emily’s Face
  • Tell her you that you did it unintentionally (small increase).
  • Tell her that you think she is beautiful (medium increase).
  • “Are you staring?” in a normal or interested tone (medium increase), loud tone (small increase)
Emily’s Clothes
  • Tell her you like her Girls Bar outfit (decrease).
  • Tell her it looks great (medium increase).
  • Tell her you like what she is wearing today (big increase).
Emily’s Bag
  • Say “life” (small increase).
  • Say “personality” (medium increase).
  • Say “friend” (medium increase).

Emily Confession Event

Emily Side Case 3 – Confession Event

Once you reach intimacy level 4 with Emily, you will trigger the confession event. Note that at this point, whatever choice you make will always result in you making Emily your girlfriend (you cannot refuse).

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