Lost Judgment - Kyoko Girlfriend Guide

A guide on how to make Kyoko Hakase your girlfriend in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). Included are the condtions to unlock Kyoko's romance quests, chapter unlocked, required school stories and side cases, how to increase intimacy, recommended presents and conversation topics, and date responses.

Lost Judgment - Kyoko Girlfriend Guide

Kyoko Girlfriend Guide

Lost Judgment - Kyoko Girlfriend Guide

Name Kyoko Hakase
Model and Voice Actor Nozomi Yamamoto
Age 32
Hobbies Plastic model kits

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How to Unlock Kyoko’s Intimacy Side Cases

Kyoko is only available in the Detective Essentials DLC. You can court Kyoko after clearing Somebody is Watching You side case after reaching Chapter 4: Red Knife.

Steps to Make Kyoko Your Girlfriend

1 Clear Somebody is Watching You side case.
2 Head to Seiryo Highschool clinic during the afternoon for an event
3 Go to Seiryo Highschool clinic at night to increase intimacy with Kyoko.
4 Increase intimacy to level 2.
5 Clear Kyoko’s intimacy side case 1.
6 Increase intimacy for a new event.
7 Increase intimacy to level 3.
8 Head to the large tree in front of Seiryo High School during the day to begin Kyoko’s intimacy side case 2.
9 Head to the Seiryo Highschool clinic at night and clear Kyoko’s intimacy side case 3.
10 Increase intimacy level to 4.
11 Talk to Kyoko by the vending machine in Seiryo Highschool 1F during the afternoon.
12 Clear Kyoko’s intimacy side case 4.
13 Head to Seiryo Highschool at night and answer Kyoko’s call.
14 Head to Harbor Light for the confession event and officially make Kyoko your girlfriend.

Increasing Intimacy with Kyoko

Talk to Kyoko at the Seiryo Highschool clinic.

After clearing the Somebody is Watching You side case, you can raise your intimacy level with Kyoko by spending time with her where she works. Note that you can usually do this only at night.

Give Kyoko presents.

You can give Kyoko gifts such as earrings and other items to increase your intimacy with her as well. The amount of intimacy increases based on the kind of give you offer. Note that there is no deadline as to when you should reach a certain intimacy level in the game. Because of this, feel free to give her any gift (even not-so-expensive ones).

Kyoko is unique among other girlfriend candidates since she will accept both accessories (jewelry) and consumable items as gifts. Feel free to stop by La Chatte Blance, Le Blance, and even convenience stores to pick something up for her.

Chat about things that interest Kyoko.

Your intimacy with Kyoko will greatly increase if you open up a topic of conversation that interests her. To get ideas for topics, listen to people around hangout spots in Ijincho and Kamurocho.

Kyoko’s favorite conversation topics are indicated below.

Kyoko’s Favorite Topics
  • Lotteries
  • Good Coffee

Invite Kyoko to play games.

You can invite Kyoko to spend time playing darts or shogi with her (she is the only girlfriend candidate who you can play at this game) to increase your intimacy with her. Your intimacy level will increase regardless of the outcome.

Kyoko Intimacy Side Cases

Leveling up your intimacy level will unlock a side case that will let you increase your intimacy with Kyoko.

Intimacy Side Case 1 – Kyoko’s First Intimacy Event and Date Conversation Responses

Head to Kyoko’s clinic after raising your intimacy level with her to 2. Then, simply call out to her to get her attention. Feel free to adjust the volume to whatever you want since it will not affect the intimacy.

After getting Kyoko’s attention, use active search on her and various objects in the room. Then, choose the answers below to increase intimacy.

Kyoko’s Lab Coat
  • “Apron.” (no increase).
  • “Anything you wear is fine.” (small increase).
  • “Your lab coat.” (small increase).
Bed Simply examine them to gain an increase in intimacy.
Papers on Kyoko’s Desk Simply examine them to gain an increase in intimacy.
First Aid Kit Simply examine them. Then, choose whatever responses you want until the conversations ends with a silent response.
Chair Simply examine it to gain a small increase in intimacy.

Special Treatment

Upon clearing the first intimacy side case, you will be able to go to Kyoko to receive treatment. You can choose to receive a “passionate treatment” or a “safe treatment.”

Passionate treatment can result in either greatly restoring your health and Kyoko giving you Staminan Light x1 or greatly reducing your health and Kyoko giving you Mysterious Leaf x1.

Safe treatment, meanwhile, will always result in slightly restoring your health. On certain occasions, Kyoko will give you Mysterious Leaf x1.

Intimacy Event – Receiving First Aid from Kyoko

At intimacy level 2, you will come across a special event where Kyoko will give you first aid. This does not, however, affect intimacy.

Intimacy Side Case 2 – Kyoko’s Second Intimacy Event and Date Conversation Responses

After increasing intimacy with Kyoko to level 3, head to the large tree in front of Seiryo Highschool during the daytime. When asked for the cat’s name, say “Cherry.”

Afterwards, use active search on her and the surroundings. Then, use the right responses to increase intimacy.

Kyoko’s Face
  • “Was not invited to the meeting.” (increase)
  • “Lab coat.” (increase)
  • “Is sun bathing good for you?” (small increase, +500 SP)
Cherry (Cat) Simply examine her to increase intimacy.
Seats Simply examine them to increase intimacy.
Bulletin Board Simply examine it.
The Two Students Simply examine them.

Intimacy Side Case 3 – Kyoko’s Third Intimacy Event

After clearing intimacy side case 2, head to the clinic at night to begin intimacy side case 3. You simply need to call out to Kyoko using the maximum volume of your voice.

Intimacy Side Case 4 – Kyoko’s Fourth Intimacy Event and Date Conversation Responses

After reaching intimacy level 4 with Kyoko, head to Seiryo Highschool and talk to her near the vending machine at the 1F during the afternoon to begin intimacy side case 4. Then, head to the school at night to get a call from Kyoko to meet her at Harbor Light in Ijincho.

Regardless of the responses you give when talking to her at Harbor Light, it will not affect intimacy.

Kyoko Confession Event

You cannot back out.

At the end of the date in Harbor Light, you will trigger the confession event. Note that at this point, whatever choice you make will always result in you making Kyoko your girlfriend (you cannot refuse).

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