Lost Judgment - Tsukino Girlfriend Guide

A guide on how to make Tsukino Saotome your girlfriend in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). Included are the condtions to unlock Tsukino's romance quests, chapter unlocked, required school stories and side cases, how to increase intimacy, recommended presents and conversation topics, and date responses.

Lost Judgment - Tsukino Girlfriend Guide

Tsukino Girlfriend Guide

Lost Judgment - Tsukino Girlfriend Guide

Name Tsukino Saotome
Model and Voice Actor Kaede Hondo
Age 23
Hobbies Painting, cooking

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How to Unlock Tsukino’s Intimacy Side Cases

Tsukino is only available in the Detective Essentials DLC. You can court Tsukino after clearing the Hentai Quartet side in Kamurocho which is unlocked after progressing through the Runaway Biker’s Gang school story and clearing the Why I Am Into Mascots side case.

Steps to Make Tsukino Your Girlfriend

1 Clear the Hentai Quartet side case.
2 Increase intimacy level by going to Coffee Shop Pocket.
3 Clear Tsukino’s intimacy side case 1 after raising intimacy halfway of intimacy level 1.
4 Increase intimacy to level 2 and clear the Dance Club school stories.
5 Clear Tsukino intimacy side case 2.
6 Increase intimacy to level 3.
7 Receive a call from Tsukino and officially make her your girlfriend.

Increasing Intimacy with Tsukino

Meet Tsukino at Coffee Shop Pocket.

After clearing the Hentai Quartet side case, you can raise your intimacy level with Tsukino by spending time with her at Coffee Shop Pocket in Ijincho.

Give Tsukino presents.

You can give Tsukino gifts such as earrings, rings, and other items to increase your intimacy with her as well. The amount of intimacy gained is the same no matter what kind of gift you offer Tsukino. Note that there is no deadline as to when you should reach a certain intimacy level in the game. Because of this, feel free to give her any gift (even not-so-expensive ones).

Tsukino mostly likes gifts bought from La Chatte Blance (Ijincho) and Le Marche (Kamurocho) so drop by the stores when you have time to pick something up for her.

Chat about things that interest Tsukino.

Your intimacy with Tsukino will greatly increase if you open up a topic of conversation that interests her. To get ideas for topics, listen to people around hangout spots in Ijincho and Kamurocho.

Tsukino’s favorite conversation topics are indicated below.

Tsukino’s Favorite Topics
  • Table Manners
  • Quizzes
  • Releasing Stress
  • Museums

Invite Tsukino to play games.

You can invite Tsukino to spend time at the batting cages or playing a game of darts to increase your intimacy with her. Your intimacy level will increase regardless of the outcome, but you will get a more significant increase if you win against her.

Tsukino Intimacy Side Cases

Raising your intimacy level will unlock a side case that will let you increase your intimacy with Tsukino further. Note that compared to other girls, Tsukino’s intimacy side cases will take slightly longer to become available. Because of this, try to spend time with her and give her gifts as often as possible.

Intimacy Side Case 1 – Tsukino’s First Request and Date Conversation Responses

You must take a photo of Tsuruno and Igarashi of the dodgeball club at maximum magnification (no blurring). Be sure to use Scoop Eye once you meet the right conditions.

After getting the photo of the dodgeball club, you can then have your first date with Tsukino at Coffee Shop Pocket. Use the active search and examine Tsukino and various objects nearby.

Tsukino’s Face
  • Keep staring at her (small increase).
  • Tell her that she has grown up (large increase).
Tsukino’s Earrings Simply examine them to gain a medium increase in intimacy.
Tsukino’s Clothes
  • Tell her that picking out clothes every morning seems difficulty (small increase).
  • Tell her that her clothes suit her (big increase).
Tsukino’s Laptop Simply examine it to gain a small increase in intimacy.
Tsukino’s Coffee Cup Simply examine it to gain a small increase in intimacy.

Intimacy Side Case 2 – Tsukino’s second request and Date Conversation Responses

You must meet take a photo of the Seiryo High School dance club and meet the required conditions. This is only possible after you have cleared the club’s school stories events.

After getting the photo of the dance club, you can then have your second date with Tsukino. Use the active search to examine her and the scenery behind her.

Buying a Hot Drink Simply examine it to gain a large increase in intimacy.
Making a Funny Face
  • Not making a funny face (small increase)
  • Make a big funny face (medium increase)
  • Make a normal funny face (big increase)
Making her Laugh with a Joke Simply examine her to gain a medium increase in intimacy.
The background behind Tsukino
  • What I learned is connected to the future (small increase)
  • Are you still painting? (big increase)

Tsukino Confession Event

You cannot back out.

Once you reach intimacy level 3 with Tsukino, you will trigger the confession event. This event is only available during the night. Note that at this point, whatever choice you make will always result in you making Tsukino your girlfriend (you cannot refuse).

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