Lost Judgment - Side Case Walkthroughs

A list of all side cases or side quests in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). Click on a side case to go to its walkthrough page with a detailed guide on how to clear it, requirements to unlock, and rewards.

Lost Judgment - All Side Case Walkthroughs

All Side Case Walkthroughs in Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment - All Side Case Walkthroughs

Lost Judgment (Judgment 2) has a lot of side case missions that you may encounter along with the main story, here’s our list of all side case walkthrough guides.

Click on a side case to go to its walkthrough page with a detailed guide on how to clear it, requirements to unlock, and rewards.


Below are obtainable trophies and achievements relevant to this walkthrough and how to unlock them in the game.

Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Gold TrophyElementary, My Dear Cleared all Side Cases (not including DLC).
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyOn the Case Cleared 10 Side Cases.
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyPrivate Eye Cleared 30 Side Cases.

All Trophies and Achievements

Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 Side Cases

▼All Ch.1 and Ch.3 Side Case Walkthroughs
1. Skateboard Detective vs. The Reseller 2.  The Falling Man
3. The Cafe Robber 4. Trying the Patience of a Saint
5. Where is the Time Capsule? 6. Where the Kappa Roam
7. The SRCs Hunt For The Truth 8. The Invisible Burglar
9. The Body Model Walks At Night!!! 10. Dueling Dojos
11. The Forbidden Taste 12. Paradise VR Unlocked!
13. Paradise VR Upgraded! 14. Let the Drones Fly!
15. Extracting the Past 16. Extracting the Truth

Chapter 4 Side Cases

▼All Ch.4 Side Case Walkthroughs
17. A New Partner 18. The Chaos of the Masked Writer
19. Flight of the Game Creator 20. A Particularly Hardcore Demo Event
21. Dastardly Detective: Introduction 22. Dastardly Detective: The Wandering Bug
23. Dastardly Detective: Grasping Attention 24. Dastardly Detective: Before the Torch Burns Out
25. Dastardly Detective: The Eavesdropping Wallet 26. Dastardly Detective: Target – Seiryo High
27. Dastardly Detective: From the Pit of Despair 28. Dastardly Detective: The Secret Ingredient
29. Dastardly Detective: The Final Night Flight 30. Dastardly Detective: Closing the Case
31. Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun 32. Big Squirrels Don’t Cry

Chapter 6 Side Cases

▼All Ch.6 Side Case Walkthroughs
33. Curse of the Amasawa Family Heirloom 34. My First Errand
35. Between Blood and Booze 36. Random Fandom
37. Big Shame Hunter 38. Step by Step
39. Broken Barriers 40. We Mend, We Grow
41. Takayuki Yagami: Evil Detective 42. The Final Request

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