Lost Judgment - Pawpularity (Cat Reputation) Guide

A guide on how to increase Pawpularity in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). Included are basic information cat reputation, how to befriend cats, best ways to increase Pawpularity fast, benefits of increasing Pawpularity, and obtainable items based on Pawpularity level.

Lost Judgment - Pawpularity (Cat Reputation) Guide

Pawpularity (Cat Reputation ) Guide

Lost Judgment - Pawpularity Guide

In Lost Judgment, several cats can be found roaming the streets of Ijincho and Kamurocho. These curious felines can be befriended, given a name, and be taken cared of to increase your Pawpularity level. At high levels, your feline pals will turn up with rare items they have scavenged in the streets and will give them to you.

How to Unlock Befriending Cats

You can immediately start increasing your Pawpularity after clearing The Forbidden Taste side case which begins at Yokohama 99. Finish the side quest to be able to interact with cats in the game.

How to Befriend Cats and Increase Pawpularity

Below are the steps on how to befriend a cat and increase your Pawpularity with them.

1 Greet the cat and give them a name.
2 Move a short distance away from the cat.
3 Greet the cat again.
4 Stroke or stare at the cat or give them a cat can while getting their name right
5 Repeat steps 2 to 3 to increase your Pawpularity.

Benefits of Increasing Pawpularity

Your feline friends will retrieve various rare items and give them to you the next time you see them if you increase your Pawpularity. Among the items that they will get for you are skill books, Free Pass Vouchers, and even pieces of equipment.

Pawpularity Level and Obtainable Items

Below is a list of all items cats will give based on your Pawpularity level. Note that the time of items you will get depend on where the cat lives, which can either be in Ijincho or Kamurocho.

Ijincho Cat Items

Pawpularity Level Obtainable Item
1 None
2 Show Duel Record: Fire (Skill Book)
3 Free Pass Voucher x5
4 Book of Backwater (Skill Book)
5 BJ Amulet
6 Demise Belt
7 Extract Recipe: ???

Kamurocho Cat Items

Pawpularity Level Obtainable Item
1 Extract Recipe: Momentary Counter
2 Batting Gloves
3 Rainbow Pyroxene

Tips to Increase Pawpularity Fast

Walking a few meters away from the cat allows you to greet the cat and play with them again. You can do this as to increase your Pawpularity faster.

Cat cans allow you to accumulate more Pawpularity when spending time with your cat compared to just stroking and staring at them. You can buy cat cans at various convenience stores around town.

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