Lost Judgment - Best Skills to Get

A guide on the best skills to get in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). Included are recommended skills and abilities to unlock, skill type, skill effects, and which ones to prioritize during the main story.

Lost Judgment - Best Skills to Get

Best Skills to Get in Lost Judgment

Below are the best skills to unlock using skill points (SP) in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). Including an explanation for each category.

Skill List

Recommended Stat Skills to Learn

Skills that increase basic stats, particularly your health and attack power, should be prioritized early in the game.

Skill Skill Type Effect
Boost Health Lv. 1 to Lv. 3 Stat Increase maximum health.
Boost Attack Lv. 1 to Lv. 6 Stat Increase attack power.

Stat Skill List

Combat makes up a significant part of the game’s story as you need to defeat waves of enemies and bosses. Enhancing your performance, therefore, gives you an easier time in battle overall.

Recommended Ability Skills to Learn

Skill Type Effect
EX Waking Wrath Ability Channel all your strength when knocked down to turn the tables on an enemy.
Press △/y near an enemy while you’re knocked down.
EX Blind Reversal Ability Get out of a bad position by counterattacking your way out of an enemy’s chokehold.
Press △/y while grabbed by an enemy.

Unlocking the EX Waking Wrath ability allows you to perform an EX action from a downed state. You are likely to get knocked down often during battles so having a powerful way to strike back while getting up is useful.

EX Blind Reversal, meanwhile, allows you to counterattack when an enemy grabs you. This is incredibly helpful against bosses as almost all of them have some way to grab you to deal big damage.

Combat Style Skills

You can also unlock combat-style skills to expand your tools during battle. Note that it is generally better to focus on unlocking skills from one style (at least while going through the main story) than to unlock skills from several styles.

Recommended Special Skills to Learn

Skill Type Effect
Mental Momentum Lv. 1 to Lv. 3 Special When tailing, gain 5 additional seconds to relocate your target.
Adds the corresponding ability.
Silent Destroyer Special When tailing in stealth, targets and people to watch out for will be less likely to notice if you break something.
Adds the corresponding ability.
Photo Master Special Photo op time extended during Photo Missions.
Adds the corresponding ability.
Grip Up Special Increased grip gauge during parkour (hanging, climbing).

You can also unlock detective action skills to improve certain actions like tailing, pursuing, and parkour. These skills are not as important as those mentioned above so only get them if you are having trouble in certain detective sequences during the main story.

Special Skill List

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