Lost Judgment - Skateboard Race Guide

Overview and guide about Skateboard Race, a play spot mini-game activity in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). This includes strategies on how to clear it in the game.

Lost Judgment - Skateboard Race Guide

Skateboard Race Guide in Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment - Skateboard Race Guide

The Skateboard Race is a play spot activity in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). The activity is accessible by unlocking the School Story, Skateboarding Crew, in the game.

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How to unlock the Skateboard Race

Availability Chapter 3: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Unlocking Condition Skateboarding Crew (School Story)
Location Hamakita Race in Ijincho, Yokohama
Ascent Status Appeal Power


Below are obtainable trophies and achievements relevant to this guide and how to unlock them in the game.

Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyKick Flip Got the skateboard for free.
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophySkate or Die Obtained all skateboards.
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyYagami Pro Skater Get first place on the final course of the skateboard race.

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How to play the mini-game

After unlocking the School Story, keep advancing to the Skateboard Crew and unlock the Skateboard Race. Aim for the first place and obtain points that you can exchange for better gear or usable items.

Skateboarding Item Exchange

Here is a list of items that can be exchanged when playing the mini-game:

Skateboarding Item Exchange Require Points
Yellow Lizard (for Acceleration) 20,000 points
White Horse (for Speed) 50,000 points
Purple Drop (for High Performance) 100,000 points
Play Pass 18,000 points
Free Pass Voucher 25,000 points
Dance Textbook Breakdance 5,000 points
Senzun of Fighting Energy Extract 5,000 points
Skateboard Locator Skill Book 35,000 points
Hemostasis Supporter 2 40,000 points
Full Legers 24,000 points
Back Protector 60,000 points
Elbow Protector 6,500 points
Knee Protector 6,500 points

Skateboard Race Strategies

Here is a breakdown of recommended strategies when clearing the play spot activity:

Avoid obstacles by jumping

Keep evading obstacles on the race track. By avoiding them, you gain bonus speed that will help you win a race.

Increase speed by doing tricks

Likewise, do some skateboarding tricks to gain a temporary acceleration effect during Skateboard Races. Jump over obstacles well to increase your speed.

Acquire and use items

You can acquire race items while participating in the race. Take advantage of those items and use them against your rivals.

Upgrade your skateboard

Boost your performance by buying new skateboards especially when you cannot win. Save points in buying a “Purple Drop” or “White Horse” skateboard.

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