Lost Judgment - Kazuki Soma Character Profile

Character profile for Kazuki Soma in Lost Judgment. Included are an overview of Soma, origin, character type, abilities, and role in the main story.

Lost Judgment - Kazuki Soma Character Profile

Kazuki Soma in Lost Judgment


Name: Kazuki Soma
Gender: Male
Origin: Lost Judgment
Age: ?
Classification: Leader of RK
Played By: Hiroshi Tamaki (JP)
Voice Actor: Matt Yang King (EN)

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Kazuki Soma Official Biography

Leader of the Kamurocho Criminal Network, “RK”

The leader of a Kamurocho-based crime organization “RK.” Following the dissolution of the Tojo Clan a few years ago, Soma’s group has proven itself a formidable successor in the vacuum of power. Once a member of the Tojo Clan himself, Soma was a promising leadership candidate with a penchant for violence and eyes that could see through any lie. He now dedicates these talents to growing the RK network.

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