Lost Judgment - All Girlfriends List

A list of all girlfriend candidates in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). Included are information on how to unlock each girlfriend, hobbies and interests, location, and favorite date topics and gifts.

Lost Judgment - All Girlfriends List

All Girlfriends List

Below is a list of all girlfriend candidates in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). Included are basic information on each girlfriend, hobbies, how to unlock, and favorite date conversation topics and gifts.

Girlfriends Guide

Emily S. Mochizuki

Lost Judgment - Emily S. Mochizuki

Model Lynn
Age 24
Hobbies Fashion, sleeping
How to Unlock Reach Chapter 3: Two Sides of the Same Coin and Clear “Girl’s Bar” school story.
Location Girl’s Bite (Ijincho)

Emily is the most popular girl at “Girl’s Bite” in Ijincho. She is very enthusiastic about her work while exuding an innocent personality and mysterious charm.

Emily Girlfriend Guide

Note that without the Detective Essentials DLC, Emily is the only girlfriend you can court in the base game.

Tsukino Saotome (Detective Essentials DLC)

Lost Judgment - Tsukino Saotome

Model Kaede Hondo
Age 23
Hobbies Painting, cooking
How to Unlock Clear The Hentai Quarter Side Case (requires Detective Essentials DLC)
Location Coffee Shop Pocket

Tsukino is one of Yagami’s old acquaintances who first appeared in the first game Judgment. Tsukino harbors feelings for Yagami but has since become estranged to him because of their busy schedules. In Lost Judgment, Tsukino is now on her third year working in society.

Tsukino Girlfriend Guide

Todo Minato (Detective Essentials DLC)

Lost Judgment - Todo Minato

Model Hina Tachibana
Age 20
Hobbies Comedies, writing stories
How to Unlock Reach Chapter 4: Red Knife and Clear Why I am Into Mascots side case (requires Detective Essentials DLC)
Location M Side Cafe

Todo is a shy girl who has trouble talking to people. She is extremely uncomfortable with eye contact, so much so that she needs to wear a costume when communicating. Todo works part-time as a mascot for a campaign until she met Yagami who helps her overcome her personal problem.

Todo Girlfriend Guide

Kyoko Hakase (Detective Essentials DLC)

Lost Judgment - Kyoko Hakase

Model Nozomi Yamamoto
Age 32
Hobbies Plastic model kits
How to Unlock Reach Chapter 4: Red Knife and clear Somebody’s Watching You side case (requires Detective Essentials DLC)
Location Seiryo High School Clinic

Kyoko is a new member of the staff at Seiryo High School. She met Yagami by chance on her way home from work, fleeing from a certain stranger’s unsettling stares.

Kyoko Girlfriend Guide

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