Lost Judgment - Akihiro Ehara Character Profile

Character profile for Akihiro Ehara in Lost Judgment. Included are an overview of Ehara, origin, character type, abilities, and role in the main story.

Lost Judgment - Akihiro Ehara Character Profile

Akihiro Ehara in Lost Judgment


Name: Akihiro Ehara
Gender: Male
Origin: Lost Judgment
Age: ?
Classification: Police Officer
Played By: Ken Mitsuishi (JP)
Voice Actor: Artt Butler (EN)

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Akihiro Ehara Official Biography

“Active Duty Police Officer”

An active duty police officer captured on sexual harassment charges at Shinjuku station. After two months, he stands trial and with the evidence stacked overwhelmingly against him, is found guilty. However, during the sentencing, he reveals the location of a rotting corpse in Yokohama.

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