Lost Judgment - Coming Boon Shop

Overview and list of all items in Coming Boon Shop. There are multiple shops available in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). This includes prices of items and the location of the store.

Lost Judgment - Coming Boon Shop

List of All Available Items in Coming Boon Shop

Item Name Stocks: Price
Surprise Backhug 1 3,500 Yen
Toughness Z 650 Yen
Tauriner 3,000 Yen
Staminan X 6,000 Yen
Shabby Wire 7,000 Yen
Quality Wire 2,100 Yen
Camo Paint (Green) 6,900 Yen
Camo Paint (Blue) 6,900 Yen
Battle Support 15,000 Yen
EX-2 9,800 Yen
Arm Support 1 119,000 Yen
Arm Support 2 29,800 Yen
Battle Boxedrs S 17,500 Yen
Lucky Boxers 2 7,777 Yen
Assist Boxers 2 30,000 Yen
Guard Pants S 17,500 Yen
Near-Death Belt 69,500 Yen
EX Power Booster 49,200 Yen
Multi Booster 1 14,900 Yen

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