Lost Judgment - Post-game Unlockables

A guide on all post-game content in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). Included are things to do after beating the game (main story), new features unlocked, New Game Plus (NG+) and things that carry-over on subsequent playthroughs.

Lost Judgment - Post-game Unlockables

Post-game Unlockables

Lost Judgment - Post-game Unlockables

Below are all new features unlocked after beating Lost Judgment’s main story and things that carry-over to subsequent playthroughs.

Main Story Walkthroughs

Please note that information here is roughly translated from Japanese sources. We are currently updating this page based on the English version of the game.

EX Hard Mode

Lost Judgment - Post-game Unlockables

After clearing the game once on any difficulty, EX Hard difficulty is unlocked. This setting offers the toughest challenge for players who want to test their mastery of the game’s combat.

Premium Adventure Mode

Lost Judgment - Premium Adventure Mode

Premium Adventure Mode can be accessed from the title screen after clearing the game and allows you to freely explore the game world after beating it at least once.

Premium Adventure Mode can also be accessed by continuing your cleared game save file. However, you can only select the difficulty by beginning Premium Adventure Mode from the title screen, allowing you to play on EX Hard.

You can also initialize your game data to go on a Premium Adventure. This allows you to start in a state where all acquired items, skills, play time, and progress are carried over.

Premium New Game Mode (New Game Plus)

Lost Judgment - Premium New Game (NG+)

Premium New Game Mode is Lost Judgment’s version of NG+. To access it, select “From the Beginning (Main Story)” at the top of the title screen.

Similar to Premium Adventure Mode, you can choose to carry over things like items and skills from your cleared save and start at the beginning of the game.

Features Carried Over in Subsequent Playthroughs after Clearing the Game

  • Consumable items
  • Extract recipes
  • Materials and valuables
  • Equipment and armor
  • Skills
  • TownGo progress (excluding side cases).

Features Not Carried Over in Subsequent Playthroughs after Clearing the Game

  • Side Cases

Note that your progress on Premium Adventure Mode can also be carried over to Premium New Game.

Consumables after the Final Battle

Note that consumables used during each run of the game’s final battle will not be recovered.

Switching to EX Hard Difficulty on Premium Adventure Mode

As mentioned above, you can only play on EX Hard difficulty by beginning Premium Adventure Mode from the title screen.  Loading a cleared game save file as is will not allow you to access the new difficulty setting.

Recollection Feature

Lost Judgment - Recollection Feature

The Recollection feature is also added to the title screen upon beating the game. This lets you replay main story cutscenes as many times as you want.

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