Lost Judgment - Girlfriends Guide

A guide on how to get a girlfriend in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). Included are basic information on romance, mechanics, benefits, and requirements and method to get a girlfriend in the game.

Lost Judgment - Girlfriends Guide

Girlfriends Guide

Lost Judgment - Girlfriends Guide

In Lost Judgment, you can find a girlfriend to gain beneficial effects in battle. Courting a girl and spending time with her is also one of the most fun activities in the game, making it a nice break from the main story.

Potential Girlfriends in Lost Judgment

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There are a total of 4 possible girlfriends in the game, though the three are only available in the Detective Essentials DLC pack included in the Lost Judgment Digital Deluxe or Digital Ultimate Editions. Without the DLC, there is only one potential girlfriend you can court in the game.

All Girlfriends List

How to Get A Girlfriend

Getting a girlfriend consists of four basic steps which you can do at any time during the main story.

1 Clear school stories and side cases quests.
2 Talk to her often.
3 Go on dates (engage in meaningful conversations, give her gifts she likes).
4 Trigger the confession event

Do School Stories and Side Cases.

A number of female characters in the game can become your girlfriend. The first thing to do is to progress through the main story to unlock the School Stories and Side Cases features. Many of the side quests under these are required in order to meet a potential girlfriend in the game.

Girls Bar Guide

Get in touch with her.

After meeting a potential girlfriend, you need to talk to her as often as possible. This will increase your intimacy with the girl until you are able to do it on a date. Because of this, try to find time to chat with your potential girlfriend as often as possible during the main story.

Increase intimacy further by going on dates.

Dates are the best ways to increase your intimacy level with a potential girlfriend. Try to go around the city to come up with good topics of conversation and gifts to make the girl happy during the date. When thinking of topics to talk about or gifts to give, be aware of the girl’s interests and personality.

It is also recommended to acquire as many Dating Skills as you can which will further increase intimacy during dates.

List of Dating Skills

Dating Skill SP Cost Effect How to Unlock
Gift Master Further increase intimacy when giving presents. (To Be Confirmed)
Dating Master Further increase intimacy when going on a date. (To Be Confirmed)
Conversation Master Further increase intimacy when going on a date. (To Be Confirmed)
Message Master Further increase intimacy when sending messages. (To Be Confirmed)

Trigger the Confession Event

At intimacy level 5, you will be able to trigger the confession event which will officially make the girl your girlfriend. This will allow alter your interactions with the girl to that of a real girlfriend, allowing you to gain special effects in battle.

Girlfriend Special Battle Effects

Supports you in battle.

Lost Judgment - Girlfriends Guide

When fighting in an area near where your girlfriend lives, your EX gauge will recover during battle. You can then easily take out enemies by spamming powerful EX actions.

Fully recovers your health on dates.

Going on a date with your girlfriend will completely restore your HP. Note that you can always ask her out on a date so feel free to go out with her when your health is low.

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