Lost Judgment - Crane Skill List

List of all unlockable crane skills in Lost Judgment grouped by category. This includes their description and and SP requirement in the game.

Lost Judgment - Crane Skill List

All Crane Skills in Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment - Crane Skill List

Here are all unlockable crane skills for Yagami in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2), including their description, SP costs, and unlock conditions.

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Some skills would require Skill Books in order to unlock. For a list of Skill Books and their locations, check our list:

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When to Use Crane Style

Lost Judgment - Crane Style

All Battle Styles

The Crane Style is a highly evasive style centered around crowd control and mobility. Yagami’s attacks have a wider reach and can hit multiple enemies at once while in Crane. He can also perform successive dodges and even combo into aerial abilities with Sky Dancer.

  • Designed to keep large groups at bay.
  • Dish out quick attacks that cover a wide area.
  • Perform EX Actions that target multiple opponents.

Crane Skills

Crane skills consist largely of fighting techniques under the Crane style.

Skill Skill Description SP Cost Requirement
Crane’s Hidden Arts Lv. 1 Temporarily increases your attack speed after evading an enemy attack.
Activates while evading with x/a
2,500 SP Already available
Crane’s Hidden Arts Lv. 2 10,000 SP Crane’s Hidden Arts Lv. 1
Crane’s Hidden Arts Lv. 3 20,000 SP Crane’s Hidden Arts Lv. 2
Sky Dancer Air Walk Jump in any direction using Sky Dancer
Hold L1/LB and press x/a while tilting L Stick.
600 SP Already available
Sky Dancer Kick 1,200 SP Sky Dancer Air Walk
Sky Dancer Recovery 5,000 SP Sky Dancer Kick
Sky Dancer Bullet Phase Bullets don’t hit you while you’re in the air.
Effect activates while in midair.
15,000 SP Already available
Projectile Counter Catch and throw back a weapon thrown at you (except bullets).
Press L1/LB right before an incoming projectile hits.
600 SP Already available
Projectile Counter: Blue Flame 10,000 SP Projectile Counter
Nimble Strike An Attack performed from a Quickstep. Perfect for striking enemies who leave themselves open after attacking.
Press x/a then △/y.
5,000 SP Already available
Triple Kick Deliver an even more powerful strike after the second hit of a Finishing Blow.
Press △/y after landing a Double Finisher.
5,000 SP Already available
Lightfoot Become able to Quickstep three times in a row.
Press x/a thrice.
10,000 SP Already available
Rising Cloud Vortex Attack enemies while getting back up from the ground.
Press △/y while on the ground.
1,200 SP Already available
Rising Cloud Into Crane 2,500 SP Rising Cloud Vortex
Hurricane Kicks Unleash and attack even while being knocked back.
Press △/y while being knocked back.
5,000 SP Already available
Crane King’s Pride Become immune to knockdowns during EX Boost.
Always active during EX Boost.
600 SP Already available
Crane King’s Dignity When at low health, you’ll be able to escape body tackles by jumping.
Press x/a in specific situations.
1,200 SP Already available
Crane King’s Might Taking Recovery Stance after a Finishing Blow will charge the EX Gauge.
Hold down □/x after a △/y attack.
2,500 SP Already available
Brutal Delivery Become able to kick away weapons. If this attack hits an enemy, it may leave them in agony.
Hold △/y near a weapon.
2,500 SP Already available
Raptorial Spirit 20,000 SP Acquire the “Memoirs of an Eagle” Skill Book
True Crane Beast Slayer 20,000 SP Acquire the “Excerpts of a True Crane” Skill Book
EX Finishing Blow: Crane An intense Finishing Blow executed during an EX Boost combo that can pull others in.
Press △/y after a △/y combo during EX Boost.
5,000 SP Already available
EX Airborne Assault Leap into the air to match the enemy’s position and kick them down to the ground.
Hold R1/RB and press △/y after □/x, □/x, □/x, □/x, △/y, △/y combo.
5,000 SP Already available
EX Blasting Kick Blast an enemy away with a powerful kick as they bounce up of the ground.
Hold R1/RB and press △/y after □/x, △/y, △/y combo.
5,000 SP Already available
EX Flying Blow: Sky Dancer From the air, crush the enemy with every last ounce of your body weight. Only activates during EX Boost. Changes slightly with the number of enemies. 10,000 SP Already available

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