Lost Judgment - Onodera’s Wares Shop

Overview and list of all items in Onodera’s Wares Shop. There are multiple shops available in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). This includes prices of items and the location of the store.

Lost Judgment - Onodera’s Wares Shop

Onodera’s Wares Shop in Lost Judgment

List of All Available Items in Onodera’s Wares Shop

Item Name Stocks: Price
The Art of Gluttony 1 50,000 SP
The Basics of Shogi 1 30,000 SP
Dirty Clothes 1 4,800 SP
Book of the Wounded 1 3,500 SP
A View With Dancing 1 3,000 SP
Play Pass 1 1,000 SP
Master ESC Blueprints 1 1,000 SP
Unofficial VR Strategy Guide 1 100 SP
Iron Plate 100 SP
Devine Water 500 SP
Gold Tuna Cat Food 600 SP
Bronze Plate 1,000 SP
Dragon Paint 1,000 SP
Anime Paint 1,000 SP
Natural Paint 1,000 SP
Silver Plate 10,000 SP
Gold Plate 100,000 SP
Platinum Plate 200,000 SP
Triple Yokan 30,000 SP
10-10-1 Charm 30,000 SP
Lucky Hanafuda Card 30,000 SP
Blackjack Amulet 30,000 SP
Bust Amulet 30,000 SP
Royal Joker Card 30,000 SP
Nine Gates Tile 30,000 SP

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