Lost Judgment - Runaways Biker Gang Guide

Overview and guide about Runaways Biker Gang Death Race, a school stories activity in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). This includes strategies on how to clear it in the game.

Lost Judgment - Runaways Biker Gang Death Race Guide

Runaways Biker Gang Guide in Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment - Runaways Biker Gang Death Race Guide

The Runaways Biker Gang is a school stories activity in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). The activity is accessible by playing the School Stories feature of the game.

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How to unlock the Runaways Biker Gang

Availability Chapter 3: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Unlocking Condition Courage Level 2 or higher.
Location Hamakita Park (Evening only), Garage in front of Kannai Overpass
Ascent Status Courage


Below are obtainable trophies and achievements relevant to this guide and how to unlock them in the game.

Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Gold TrophyHigh School Drama Completed the investigation of the Professor.
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBorn to Ride Completed the investigation of the biker gang.

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Runaways Biker Gang Characters

Shuo Yuma

Lost Judgment - Runaways Biker Gang Death Race Shuo

A third-year student at Seiryo High School. He is the top biker from his runaways biker gang called “Made in Heaven”.

How to play the mini-game

Lost Judgment - Runaways Biker Gang Death Race How to play the mini-game

Runaways Biker Gang is a death race mini-game where competing racers hit on each other while reaching the finish line. Enemies can derail you by throwing a variety of objects such as fireworks.

You win a death race if you finished the first. Also, by defeating biker members within the race, including their leader. Take note that races only occur during evenings.

Game Controls for Bikers

Format: PlayStation/XboX button

Input Command
← L Stick Move left
→ L Stick Move right
↓ L Stick Wheelie
R2/RT Button Accelerate
L2/LT Button Brake
R1/RB Button Guard
L1/LB Button Guard
◌/b Button Boost
x/a Button Drift
□/x Button Ram
← Button Left Turn Signal
← Button Right Turn Signal
↓ Button Use Horn

List of Biker Moves

Yagami can use a variety of moves to derail his opponent:

Biker Move Biker Move Effect
Boost Fill up your boost gauge by drifting in corners and Yagami will have a chance to boost his speed once the gauge is full.
Tackle Hit opposing bikers while driving close to them.
Guard Guard while driving to prevent tackles from other opponents. This will slow you down as well.

Runaways Death Race Walkthrough

Here is a walkthrough on how to clear the school story activity:

1 Reach Chapter 2 and play the main story.
2 Accept the offer to become an Outside Counselor of the Mystery Research Club.
3 Solve the problem of the Dance Club.
4 Reach Chapter 3 or later.
5 Increase Concentration Level 2 or higher by continuing to advance in the Robotics Club.
6 Join the Boxing Gym and boost Courage to Level 3 or higher.
7 Watch an event in Hamakita Park at night.
8 Clear Death Race tutorial.
9 Win the Death Race with “Bakuon Thunder Dragon”. Leave the area and run around three times to trigger another race.
10 Follower the “Bomber” and uncover the secrets.
11 Win the race against “Bomber”
12 Win the race against “Lazy Angels”. Leave the area and run around three times to trigger another race.
13 Win the race against “Lina”
14 Advance story to Chapter 5.
15 Win the race against “Ghost Faction”. Leave the area and run around two times to trigger another race.
16 Investigate “Stop Society” west of Bayside Street.
17 Win the race against “Ghost Faction” again.
18 Win the race against “The Coast”.
19 After a cutscene, defeat enemies through battle.
20 Clear investigation.

Runaways Death Race Strategies

Here is a breakdown of recommended strategies when clearing the school story:

Defeat entourage bikers

When you start the race, make sure to clear out opposing bikers you will encounter. Feel free to use any moves or objects at your disposal. Also, dodge the objects they throw at you.

Use Guard first and then Tackle or Boost

The entourage bikers will attempt to detail you in the race. Use Guard first to prevent them from hitting you. Then. use Tackle to counter-attack or Boost to leave them behind. The more damage you receive, the harder it is for Yagami to fill up his Boost Gauge.

Finish ahead of the boss racer

Clear the race by defeating the boss racer, make use of the Boost Gauge you filled up when facing off the entourage bikers.

Upgrade your bike

Upgrade the quality and performance of your bike. Carefully balance their effects before going to the next race. Take note that buying a new bike model will require new upgrades. Don’t be extravagant on your upgrades if you planning to buy a new bike model.

Biker Part Biker Part Effect
Cowl Boost Speed. Handling decrease.
Body Boost overall stats and Boost Gauge +1
Sheet Boost handling and durability. Speed decrease.
Muffler Boost speed and Boost Gauge +1. Handling decrease.
Horn For cosmetics only.
← Boxing Gym Girls Bar  →

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