Lost Judgment - Extracts Shops (Seiryo High)

Overview and list of all items in Extracts Shops (Seiryo High). There are multiple shops available in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). This includes prices of items and the location of the store.

Lost Judgment - Extracts Shops (Seiryo High)

Extracts Shops (Seiryo High) in Lost Judgment

List of All Available Items in Extracts Shops (Seiryo High)

Item Name Stocks: Price
Twig 100 Yen
Pebble 100 Yen
Empty Bottle 100 Yen
Small Screw 200 Yen
Cigarette Butt 300 Yen
Earthworm 300 Yen
Impure Lead 380 Yen
Cloudy Pane 380 Yen
Homestyle Chicken Cat Food 300 Yen
Miso Crispy Beef Cat Food 300 Yen
Fresh Tuna Cat Food 300 Yen
Cheese Salmon Paté Cat Food 300 Yen
White Fish and Sardine Cat Food 300 Yen
Bonito Flake Cat Food 300 Yen
Stretchy Rubber 500 Yen
Exquisite Screw 600 Yen
Shabby Wire 700 Yen
Beehive  1,300 Yen
Stretched Coil  1,700 Yen
Worn Magnet  1,700 Yen
Rusted Electrical Wire  1,800 Yen
Quality Wire  2,100 Yen
Dirty Iron  2,400 Yen
Old Circuit  2,400 Yen
Passable Rubber  2,550 Yen
Clear Pane 2,800 Yen
Panchinko Ball 3,000 Yen
Prize Medal 3,000 Yen
High-purity Lead 4,500 Yen
Scorpion 5,600 Yen
Mysterious Bulb 9,800 Yen
Beautiful Seashell 10,000 Yen
Mysterious Stone 12,000 Yen
Sacred Rot 12,000 Yen
Super Strength Extract 54,000 Yen
Super Grip Extract 54,000 Yen
Tree Trunk Legs Extract 54,000 Yen
Stealth Extract 54,000 Yen
Provocateur Extract 54,000 Yen

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