Lost Judgment - Todo Girlfriend Guide

A guide on how to make Todo Minato your girlfriend in Lost Judgment (Judgment 2). Included are the condtions to unlock Todo's romance quests, chapter unlocked, required school stories and side cases, how to increase intimacy, recommended presents and conversation topics, and date responses.

Lost Judgment - Todo Girlfriend Guide

Todo Girlfriend Guide

Lost Judgment - Todo Girlfriend Guide

Name Todo Minato
Model and Voice Actor Hina Tachibana
Age 20
Hobbies Comedies, writing stories

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How to Unlock Todo’s Intimacy Side Cases

Todo is only available in the Detective Essentials DLC. You can court Todo after clearing the Why I am Into Mascots side case which is unlocked after reaching Chapter 4: Red Knife. Then, get the “Yuru-chara” keyword at the children’s playground by using the Buzzy Searcher to unlock the side case.

Steps to Make Todo Your Girlfriend

1 Clear the Why I Am Into Mascots side case.
2 Increase intimacy level by going to M Side Cafe.
3 Clear Todo’s intimacy side quest 1 to reach intimacy level 2.
4 Increase intimacy to level 3 and answer Todo’s call at night.
5 Clear Todo intimacy side quest 2.
6 Increase intimacy to level 4.
7 Receive a call from Todo and officially make her your girlfriend.

Increasing Intimacy with Todo

Meet Todo at M Side Cafe.

After clearing the Why I Am Into Mascots side case, you can raise your intimacy level with Todo by spending time with her at M Side Cafe in Ijincho.

Give Todo presents.

You can give Todo gifts to increase your intimacy with her as well. Unlike other girlfriend candidates, however, Todo does not like accessories such as rings and earrings. She usually only accepts things that she can consume which are mostly bought from convenience stores and pharmacies.

Todo’s Favorite Gifts
  • Toughness Z
  • Toughness Light
  • Staminan Light
  • Tauriner

Chat about things that interest Todo.

Your intimacy with Todo will greatly increase if you open up a topic of conversation that interests her. To get ideas for topics, listen to people around hangout spots in Ijincho and Kamurocho.

Todo’s favorite conversation topics are indicated below.

Todo’s Favorite Topics
  • Puns
  • UFOs
  • Sushi

Invite Todo to play games.

You can invite Todo to spend time at the batting cages or playing a game of darts to increase your intimacy with her. Your intimacy level will increase regardless of the outcome, but you will get a more significant increase if you win against her.

Todo Intimacy Side Cases

Leveling up your intimacy level will unlock a side case that will let you increase your intimacy with Todo.

Intimacy Side Case 1 – Todo’s First Event and Date Conversation Responses

During intimacy side case 1, you will come across Todo’s notebook on the ground. Do not look inside as this will significantly decrease your intimacy with her during the conversation at the date spot.

After meeting Todo in her mascot suit, feel free to respond with any choice when talking to her. Then, when you go to the date spot, use the guide below to examine Todo and various objects nearby while giving the right answers to increase intimacy.

Todo Herself
  • Keep staring at her (small increase).
  • “You don’t know my face, do you?” (medium increase).
  • “What if you drew eyes on the eyelids?” (large increase).
Todo’s Mascot Suit
  • “Can you wear it for a while?” (small increase)
  • “Do you have a choice?” (medium increase)
  • “Can be trusted.” (large increase)
Todo’s Apple Tea Simply examine it to gain a small increase in intimacy.
Todo’s Notebook
  • Tell her you looked inside (large decrease).
  • Tell her you did not look inside (large increase).

The result depends on what you did with the notebook earlier.

Poster Behind Todo (last) Simply examine it to end the date.

Once you end the date, respond with “I’ll be your partner.”

Intimacy Side Case 2 – Todo’s Second Event

Upon reaching intimacy level 2, you will get a call from Todo at night. Tell her that you will join her on-stage to begin the next intimacy side case.

For intimacy side case 2, you will need to answer with the correct response during a QTE. Below are the answers to get the most increase in intimacy level during the event.

Exchange 1 Answer: Minato-chan!??
Exchange 2 Answer: Why!?
Exchange 3 Answer: My salary is cheap!
Exchange 4 Answer: No! That’s what I do!
Exchange 5 Answer: Wait a minute!
Exchange 6 Answer: South America!

Todo Confession Event

You cannot back out.

Once you reach intimacy level 4 with Todo, you will trigger the confession event. This event becomes available when you head to Yagami Detective Agency during the night. Note that at this point, whatever choice you make will always result in you making Todo your girlfriend (you cannot refuse).

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