Metroid Dread - Corpious Boss Guide

A guide on how to defeat Corpious in Metroid Dread. Included are the boss' stats, area encountered, location, attacks, recommended weapons, weaknesses, rewards, and strategy to beat it.

Metroid Dread - Corpious Boss Guide

Corpious Boss Guide

Metroid Dread - Corpious Boss Guide


Location Artaria
Recommended Weapons Missiles, charge beam
Difficulty ★★★

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Enemy Type Weak Points Phases
Boss Face, tail bulb 3
Phantom Cloak (Aeion Ability)


Attack Details Countermeasure
Tail Ground Peirce Corpious’ tail  will briefly arch above its head before launching toward you form above. Dodge or jump away or dodge forward.
Tail Whip Corpious’ tail will twist above its head as if to wind up before lashing out fast in front of it. Dodge or jump away.
Acid Spew Corpious will appear to build something up in its mouth before launching a slow moving ball of acid from above. Shoot down or dodge away.
Cloak (Second Phase) Corpious will become invisible and will only take damage if you shoot his glowing tail.
Backturned Tail Slam (second phase onwards) Corpious’ will reappear with his back turned and continuously flail his tail up and down for a few seconds before forcing down onto you. Time a slide to go under him.
Acid Breath (third phase) Corpious will release acid on the floor that does damage if you come into contact with it. Cling onto the magnetic strip on the side of the area.

Corpious Boss Strategy

First Phase

Metroid Dread - Corpious Boss Guide

Corpious will mostly attack using its tail, either by piercing it down onto the ground or striking at you in a whipping motion. These can be avoided by jumping back. You can however, time dodge forward to avoid its ground tail pierce. This will position you between Corpious’ face and tail, giving you time to unload on its head with missiles and charge beam shots before it can recover. Otherwise, wait for Corpious to miss and pull out its tail before peppering its face with shots.

Corpious will occasionally spit out a green ball of its saliva. Shoot it down to pick up some items.

Second Phase

Metroid Dread - Corpious Boss Guide

Corpious’ entire body will become invisible save for a glowing spot (weak point) on its tail. The boss will continue to use its attacks from the first phase. At this point, the best direction to dodge is away from the boss so you always have a clear shot at the glowing tail. Wait for him to use his ground tail pierce and aim at the weakpoint to deal damage.

After lowering Corpious’ health even more, he will reappear with his rear facing you. Time your a slide when he slams his tail down from above to go under him. If done correctly, you should be able to move near his head for a melee counter using the × button. Follow up with a shot to its face which leads into a grab that does massive damage.

Third Phase

Metroid Dread - Corpious Boss Guide

Corpious will crawl towards you while building some acid in its mouth. Run to the other side (right) of the area and cling to the edge of the magnetic wall using Spider Magnet to avoid the acid that Corpious will spread on the floor. Shoot his face while you are still hanging and watch out for his tail and acid ball attacks it regularly uses. He will occasionally become invisible again, so aim for his glowing tail and continue whittling away at his health. Upon reappearing, its rear will be facing you again. Slide from under him again to initiate the grab sequence. From here, he will simply cycle between his all of his different tricks until he is defeated.

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