Metroid Dread - How to Get Varia Suit Upgrade

A guide on how to get the Varia Suit in Metroid Dread. Included are the suit's features and unique abilities, Varia Suit location, and an in-depth guide on where to find it.

Metroid Dread - How to Get Varia Suit Upgrade

How to Get Varia Suit Upgrade

Varia Suit Features

Metroid Dread - Varia Suit
  • Reduces damage from enemy attacks.
  • Increases heat and cold resistance.
  • Slightly increases dash melee damage.

How to Unlock All Suits

Varia Suit Location

Metroid Dread - Varia Suit Location

The Varia Suit is the second suit upgrade you can get in Metroid Dread. It is found at the Chozo Statue room in Artaria and can only be accessed upon obtaining the Morph Ball ability upgrade and reaching the red teleport device in Cataris.

1 From Cataris, use the red teleportation device to return to Artaria.
2 Head to the Network Station to the left of the map.
4 Exit to the left and use Morph Ball form to jump into the small space above.
5 Follow the path upward as it goes right along the small tunnel.
6 Keep going up after you exit the tunnels and activate the thermal flow device.
7 Escape from the collapsing area while destroying the walls. Use Morph Ball to move along the narrow passages.
8 Upon reaching the upper level, follow the path going right through the door.
9 Shoot the upgrade held by the Chozo statue above to get the Varia Suit.


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