Metroid Dread - How to Get Gravity Suit Upgrade

A guide on how to get the Gravity Suit in Metroid Dread. Included are the suit's features and unique abilities, Gravity Suit location, and an in-depth guide on where to find it.

Metroid Dread - How to Get Gravity Suit Upgrade

How to Get Gravity Suit Suit Upgrade

Gravity Suit Suit Features

Metroid Dread - Gravity Suit
  • Greatly reduces damage from enemy attacks.
  • Resistance to extreme cold and lava.
  • Move freely underwater.
  • Slightly increases dash melee damage.

How to Unlock All Suits

Gravity Suit Suit Location


Metroid Dread - Gravity Location

The Gravity Suit is the third final suit you can get in Metroid Dread (excluding the Metroid Suit which is only usable during the final boss fight of the game). You can find the Gravity Suit at the Chozo Statue in Burenia. To get it, you must have obtained the Morph Ball, Space Jump, and Pulse Radar ability upgrades.

1 From the Burenia teleportal, exit to the left.
2 Drop down to the submerged section below.
4 When you reach the bottom, climb up the platforms above and enter the narrow passage using Morph Ball.
5 In the next area, go right and climb up the ledge. Then, shoot down the door on the left and go through it.
6 In the next area, move across to the left using Space Jump. Shoot down the door and go through it.
7 In the next room, follow the path left and go down. At the bottom shoot down the door to the right and exit the room.
8 In the next open area, go down and make your way to the door to the right.
9 Go up and exit to the door to the right. Go down and destroy the wall on the right.
10 Destroy the block across the gap and Space Jump to the narrow opening.
11 Make your way down and shoot down the door on the right. Enter the door and go down. Go left and use Morph Ball to exit.
12 Move left in Morph Ball form all the way to the end of the narrow passage. After dropping down, follow the path going to the right.
13 Follow the path all the way to the next area. At the far end to the right, you will notice that you can exit to an upper path as well as a lower one. Exit to the lower path first.
14 In the next area, destroy the wall on the upper left corner.
15 Head back outside the room and take the upper path now using Morph Ball. Exit to the door on the left and follow the path going right in the large open area.
16 Use Space Jump to reach the platform in the middle and go up out of the water.
17 Go right and exit the door. In the next room go right and climb up. Go left and exit through the door.
18 Go left and use Space Jump across the wide gap to reach the far right platform. Use Morph Ball and jump up to the narrow passage.
19 Follow the path going up and destroy the wall on the right, revealing an opening that lets you shoot another breakable wall across the gap. Continue firing at it until you expose a part that you can pull using the Grapple Beam. This will cause the large structure in the middle to crash down onto the ground below.
20 Afterwards, follow the structure that fell below down.
21 Near the bottom, go left and follow the corridor leading to a door with red energy. Shoot down the door and go in to find the Chozo Statue holding the Gravity Suit above.


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