Metroid Dread - Permanent Events

A guide on all permanent events, missable items, and unchangable elements in Metroid Dread.

Metroid Dread - Permanent Events

Permanent Events in Metroid Dread

Below are all permanent events, missable items, and unchangeable decisions in Metroid Dread. Find out what features are can and cannot be changed before you start a new playthrough to avoid making mistakes later on.

Game Difficulty Cannot be Changed Afterwards

Metroid Dread - Game Difficulty

After beating the game on Normal Mode, you will be able to select Hard Mode mode upon starting a new playthrough. Note that the game difficulty setting you choose in the beginning cannot be changed afterwards so decide carefully if you want to play on Normal or Hard.

Game Difficulty Guides
Game Difficulty Modes How to Unlock Hard Mode

No Missable Items

Metroid Dread - Missile Tank

There are no missable items and power-ups in the game since you can backtrack to almost any location visited on the planet ZDR. Because of this, try to get 100% item completion by getting all Energy Parts, Energy Tanks, Missile Tanks, and Missile+ Tanks just before the final boss to unlock all obtainable Chozo Archive images in the gallery.

Power-Ups Locations
All Energy Tank Locations All Energy Part Locations
All Missile Tank Locations All Chozo Statues Locations

No Permadeth

Metroid Dread - No Permadeth

There is no permadeth feature or game mode in Metroid Dread. This means that you will not automatically start from the very beginning of the game if you die. Try to save often at Network Stations, especially after acquiring new weapons, ability upgrades, and power-ups upon exploring new levels in the game.

You can also check out our Tips for Beginners article if you are new to the game and find yourself dying too often against various regular enemies, EMMIs, and bosses.

Tips for Beginners

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