Metroid Dread - Tips for Beginners

Beginner's guide containing useful tips for new players in Metroid Dread. Included are basic actions and techniques to practice, general tips for exploration, how to deal with EMMIs, acquiring power-ups (collectibles), and other useful information.

Metroid Dread - Tips for Beginners

Tips for Beginners in Metroid Dread

Below are some tips for new players in Metroid Dread, including recommended abilities and skills to practice, general tips for exploration, how to deal with EMMIs, how to beat bosses, and other useful information.

Practice Free Aim

Metroid Dread - Free Aim

Free Aim is among the most important skills to learn in the game as it allows you to more precisely aim your shots, especially when targeting boss weak points or an EMMI robot’s core. Try to practice Free Aim while running, jumping, crouch, and hanging while exploring the various levels on your first playthrough.

How to Use Free Aim

Learn Melee Counter and Dash Melee Counter

Metroid Dread - Melee Counter

Getting comfortable with executing Melee Counter and Dash Melee Counter is recommended as you progress through the game. Enemies defeated as a result of parrying causes them to drop more items, especially energy and missiles, which will help you survive tougher encounters. As with Free Aim, you should practice countering enemies from different positions, allowing you to execute counters whenever you need to.

How to Do Melee Counters and Dash Melee Counters

Beware of EMMI robots.

Metroid Dread - How to Defeat EMMI Robots

EMMI robots, which are not affected by any of Samus’ regular attacks, are found lurking throughout the various EMMI zones in the game. When you are caught by an EMMI robot, you can try to escape by timing the X button just as the robotic pursuer’s core flashes. Failing to press it at the right time results in an instant Game Over.

How to Defeat EMMIs

Defeat EMMI robots using the Omega Cannon.

Metroid Dread - How to Charge Omega Cannon

The only way to defeat EMMI robots is to use the Omega Cannon which only becomes active upon charging your arm cannon at Central Unit rooms found throughout the game. Upon using the Omega Cannon once, it will require charging again.

How to Use the Omega Cannon

Without the Omega Cannon, your only option of survival is to run away and hide from the EMMI robots’ field of vision, indicated by the search light on their core (head).

Look for Ability Upgrades

Metroid Dread - Ability Upgrades

Acquiring Ability Upgrades lets you to perform new actions and attacks which have their advantages in and out of combat. With a number of options at your disposal, you will be able to reach or open passageways to new areas where hidden items can be found. Look for Chozo Statues to acquire Ability Upgrades while exploring the various areas of the game.

All Chozo Statue Locations

Be suspicious of dead ends.

There are rarely any real “dead ends” in the game so always look for obstacles you can destroy to reveal new routes to go forward. Using the Pulse Radar Aeion Ability, in particular, lets you see breakable objects that deceptively blend in the environment.

All Obstacles List

Do not worry about not getting power-ups the first time you see them.

Many collectibles such as Energy Tanks and Missile+ Tanks are placed in areas where you will not be able to reach them without using certain abilities obtained much later in the game. Do not stress over not being able to get them the first time as these will be marked on your map, making it easier to locate them later.

Power-Ups Locations
All Energy Tank Locations All Energy Part Locations All Missile Tank Locations

Save often.

Metroid Dread is a fairly challenging game on its default difficulty mode. Since there is no auto-save function, you should try to save as often as you can. Areas where you get new weapons or abilities are usually near save rooms so try to look for them immediately afterwards.

Study each boss you encounter.

Metroid Dread - Bosses

Various bosses in the game have their own set of attacks and gimmicks. Try to get familiar with them to know the best countermeasures during battle. Observe the boss’ body and look for weak points or try countering certain attacks by remembering their tells. If you still find yourself unable to beat them, you can backtrack and look for Energy Tanks to increase your suit’s energy.

Boss Guides



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