Metroid Dread - How to Use Map

An overview about How to Use Map and it’s other features and guide. Included are some basic information on the map, color zones, stations, and many more.

Metroid Dread - How to Use Map

Map Guide and Features

Metroid Dread - Artaria Starting Zone

Metroid Dread is a side-on 2D platformer action game and is the fifth main entry to the long-running Metroid series. This latest installment is set after the events of Metroid Fusion released in 2002.

Here’s our guide in accessing and navigating through the Map and all it’s other feature and functions in Metroid Dread.

Map Zone Colors

Color Description
Blue Zone
  • Most common and the basic among all other zones.
  • Samus may encounter basic enemies and terrains.
Yellow Zone
  • One of the safe areas in the map.
  • This is where you may find some Save Stations, Network Stations, and Map Stations.
Gray Zone
  • Also known as EMMI zones.
  • An area where EMMI roams freely and this is the only zone they can move around as they cannot travel other places in the map.
Green Zone
  • Formerly a Green Zone area.
  • A Gray Zone turns into a Green Zone once you have defeated an EMMI.
Purple Zone
  • Elevators may be located in this zone; Samus can use it to be transported into another area.
Red Zone
  • This area has high temperature and Samus will take heat damage while roaming here.
  • Varius Suit is the best to wear in this type of zone.

Map Icons

Icon Name Information
  • Indicates Samus’ current position in the map.
Save Station
  • Found in Yellow Zones.
  • Indicates a point where you may save your game progress.
Network Station
  • Found in Yellow Zones.
  • Indicates a point where you may save your game progress.
  • Connection to another separate area in the map.
  • Sometimes requires you to use an ability to open doors.
  • Teleporting warps that may bring you to a different area.
Recharge Station
  • Can be found all over the map.
  • Indicated a point where you can replenish energy and ordinance.
Missile Pack
  • This are well-hidden in the map.
  • May be used to add missile capacity.

Other Map Features

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