Metroid Dread - How to Unlock All Ending Rewards

A guide on how to unlock all Ending Rewards in Metroid Dread, including required clear time records to beat the game and get each ending artwork in the Gallery.

Metroid Dread - Walkthrough and Guide

How to Unlock All Clear Time Ending Rewards in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread - Ending Rewards Gallery

You can unlock various Ending Reward images in the Gallery after beating Metroid Dread within specific time records. These images come in the form of special artwork of Samus across different Metroid games released in the past. There are a total of 7 Ending Reward images in the game (three unlocked for beating on Normal Mode, three unlocked on Hard Mode, and 1 obtained as a bonus).

Post-game Unlockables

How to Access the Gallery

You can open the Gallery after selecting a save file from the main menu by going to “Extras” (bottom option of the screen) and selecting “Gallery.” Afterwards, press the R button to view all unlocked Ending Rewards.

List of All Ending Rewards Images

Below is a list of all Ending Rewards images and how to unlock them in Metroid Dread. Click or tap on an image to view a larger version of it.

No. Ending Reward How to Unlock
1 Metroid Dread - Metroid Zero Ending RewardMetroid: Zero Mission Beat the game on Normal Mode (no time requirement).
2 Metroid Dread - Samus Returns Ending RewardMetroid: Samus Returns Beat the game in under 8 hours on Normal Mode.
3 Metroid Dread - Super Metroid Ending RewardSuper Metroid Beat the game in under 4 hours on Normal Mode.
4 Metroid Dread - Metroid: Other M Ending RewardMetroid: Other M Beat the game on Hard Mode (no time requirement).
5 Metroid Dread - Metroid Fusion Ending RewardMetroid Fusion Beat the game in under 8 hours on Hard Mode.
6 Metroid Dread - Metroid Dread Ending RewardMetroid Dread Beat the game in under 4 hours on Hard Mode.
 7 Metroid Dread - Bonus Ending RewardZero Suit Samus (Bonus) Unlock all other Ending Rewards.

Other Gallery Unlockables

Chozo Archive Images

Aside from the 7 Ending Rewards, you can also view various Chozo Archive images depicting pieces of the Chozo race’s lore. To unlock Chozo Archive images, you must obtain all items in each of the various explorable areas in the game (100% item completion).

How to Unlock All Chozo Archive Images

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  1. I’ve played Metroid dread good quality. would have liked to see a time elevated escape from the first boss. And for the story says make it to your ship hmm ? That would have been awesome from the get go. 1980s was the best. look forward to seeing more space monsters. Not Egyptian stuff. Other then that a really nice game.

  2. Need some help… I did a normal 100% in 1 file and in 2 others i did normal and hard sub 4 hours… But I only get the rewards for doing on each file how do i get all rewards in a single file?

  3. I did a Normal 100% playthrough in about 13 hours and I have pictures 1 and 7 unlocked. So 7 can’t be unlocked after having unlocked everything else.

    • No, you may be confussing that one with the one you get for 100% item recollection, which is the exact same image with Samus on her Power suit

  4. Wait so are the other 3 shown only available on Normal difficulty? I got sub 4 hours on Hard Mode, but the 1st 3 didn’t unlock.