Metroid Dread - Post Game Unlockables

A guide on all post-game unlockables in Metroid Dread, including what to do after beating the game, new features, game modes, and other secrets.

Metroid Dread - Post-game Unlockables

Post-game Unlockables

Below are all new features and game modes unlocked in Metroid Dread after beating the game. To unlock all of them, you will need to play through the game at least twice, first on Normal and then Hard.

Game Difficulty

Hard Mode

Metroid Dread - Hard Mode

As with past Metroid titles, Metroid Dread features Hard Mode and is unlocked upon clearing the game on Normal difficulty. Afterwards, you will be able to select Hard difficulty when starting a new playthrough. Be warned that you cannot lower the difficulty to Normal upon starting a new playthrough on Hard.

Permanent Events

Tougher Enemies with Increased Health and Attack

Note that regular enemies and bosses have more health and deal more damage on Hard Mode. Try to spend time practicing on Normal difficulty to get all enemy attacks down, especially if you have not unlocked all Ending Rewards on that mode.

How to Unlock Hard Mode

Clear Time Ending Reward Artwork (Gallery)

Seven (7) Unlockable Ending Rewards

Metroid Dread - Ending Reward Art 1

Special artwork are unlocked in the Gallery depending on your clear time record. There are a total of 7 Ending Reward artwork to get in the game. The first three are unlocked on Normal difficulty, another three are unlocked on Hard, and a bonus one unlocked after obtaining all other rewards.

How to Get All Ending Rewards

Chozo Archive Images (Gallery)

Nine (9) Unlockable Chozo Archive Images

Metroid Dread - Chozo Archive Image 1

Different Chozo Archives images are also unlocked in the gallery based on your item search progress upon clearing the game. There are a total of 9 Chozo Archive images to get in the game.

How to Get Chozo Archive Images

Accessing the Gallery

You can open the Gallery after selecting a save file from the main menu by going to “Extras” (bottom option of the screen) and selecting “Gallery.” Afterwards, press the R button to view all Ending Rewards and the L button to view all Chozo Archive images.


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