Metroid Dread - Obstacle List

List of all locked doors, blocks, and other obstacles in Metroid Dread, including an overview and how to get through them in the game.

Metroid Dread - Obstacle List

All Obstacles in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread - Cataris Magma Zone

Here are lists of obstacles encountered by Samus in Metroid Dread, including how to get through them in the game. In order to access new areas, Samus get through these obstacles.

Locked Doors

Obstacle Description How to Open
Metroid Dread - Power Beam DoorPower Beam Door A door that is colored yellow. Shoot Power Beam.
Charge Beam Door A door that is pulsating to an orange color. It will turn into a Power Beam Door after being unlocked for the first time. Shoot Charge Beam.
Missile Door A door that is red and has a hexagon pattern. Shoot Missle.
Worm Door A door covered by black worm-like creatures. It will hit back when Samus is close. Shoot any Beam Weapon.
Presence Door A door illuminated with red color. It will close automatically then Samus attempts to enter. Use Phantom Cloak ability.
Magma Door A large door that will open depending on the flow of magma. Use the nearby thermal fuel device.
Metroid Dread - Pixelated DoorPixelated Door A door that has a gray pixelated pattern. If an E.M.M.I. enemy comes in on Pursuit Mode, the door turns red and cannot be passed through. Let E.M.M.I. get near to unlock the door.
Central Unit Door A door with a red circle at the center. It guards a particular Central Unit. Use Omega Cannon.


Obstacle Description How to Open
Beam Block A block with white color at the center. Shoot Power Beam.
Missile Block A block with red color at the center and etched with a missile icon. Shoot Missile.
Dark Block A regular black block. Shoot Power Beam.
Metroid Dread - Alien BlockAlien Block A block with alien remains. Shoot any Beam Weapon.

Other Objects and Obstacles

Obstacle Description How to Open
Alien Remains Alien-like remains in the form of veins attached to walls or dead-ends. Shoot Power Beam.
Wall and Pillar Dead-ends or pillars found between two areas with no passable pathways. Use Pulse Radar to check the dead-end shoot using a Power Beam attack.

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