Metroid Dread - Spider Magnet Misc. Upgrade

An overview of Spider Magnet Misc. Upgrade for Samus in Metroid Dread. Included are some basic information on the upgrade, description, effects, where to get, and many more.

Metroid Dread - Spider Magnet Misc. Upgrade

Spider Magnet Misc. Upgrade Overview

Here’s an overview on Spider Magnet for Samus, a miscellaneous upgrade for her available in Metroid Dread. You can learn more about this misc. upgrade, on how to get, effects, and details on it.

Spider Magnet Misc. Upgrade

Name Description

Spider Magnet

The Spider Magnet allows Samus to attach to blue magnetic surface walls and ceilings using a magnetic field.

Samus can also move and attack while in this state. Hold up while attached to a ceiling to press against it.

Where to Get

This miscellaneous upgrade skill for Samus can be unlocked in Artaria after defeating the Spider E.M.M.I that you have encountered.

How to Use

Tilt Left Analog Stick in the direction of certain walls and ceilings to grab on.

Spider Magnet Strategies

Learn to move and attack using Spider Magnet

Since Samus can attached to magnetic field surfaces, you may also attack any enemies while onto it. Aim an angle towards an enemy while climbing up.

Reach places while climbing

Samus can also go into areas where it has a blue magnetic walls and ceilings, you may climb up and down using this skill.

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