Metroid Dread - How to Defeat EMMI Enemies

A guide on EMMI enemies and how to defeat them in Metroid Dread. Included are basic information on EMMI, how to avoid detection, best weapons and power-ups to use against them, and strategies and tips to beat them.

Metroid Dread - How to Defeat EMMI Enemies

How to Defeat EMMI Enemies

What are EMMI?

Metroid Dread - How to Defeat EMMI Enemies

New Enemies in Metroid Dread

The EMMI are powerful robots that embody dread or fear in the game. They are impervious to most of Samus’ conventional weapons attacks. Their one objective is to capture Samus when they have spotted her.

Escape when pinned down.

Metroid Dread - How to Defeat EMMI Enemies

Once an EMMI has pinned you down, you only have one chance to escape. By timing the × button at the exact moment of the EMMI eye’s flash, you can perform a counter which buys you time to run away from them.

Instant Game Over when you are captured.

Being captured by an EMMI and failing to escape instantly ends in a Game Over. Because of this and the lack of a simple way to defeat them, it is generally better to run away from EMMI when encountered during the early stages of the game.

How to Avoid Patrolling EMMI

To avoid being detected by EMMI, you must first know their three modes of patrol indicated by the color of their search lights.

Patrol Light Details
Undiscoverd (Blue) Patrol
The EMMI is on regular patrol and has not yet detected you.
Vigilant (Yellow) Search
The EMMI is alerted by sound detected within in its search range and will investigate the location of the source.
Pursuit (Red) Tracking
The EMMI has spotted you and will begin pursuit. It will keep following you until you have lost it.

How to Escape from EMMI

Leave EMMI Zones

EMMI will usually only appear in designated EMMI zones in the various areas of the game. When an EMMI has spotted you, the gates of the EMMI zone you are currently in will close, giving you no chance to escape to another zone.

To open the gates, you must lose the EMMI by running away and hiding. This will cause the EMMI to call off the search and open the gates again.

Use Phantom Cloak Aeion Ability

Activating the Phantom Cloak Aeion Ability allows you to become invisible. This prevents the EMMI from seeing where you are going so you can get away safely. Note that Phantom Cloak will continuously deplete your Aeion Gauge while activated. Once your Aeion energy reserve runs out, the ability will begin to drain your suit’s energy.

How to Unlock All Aeion Abilities

Strategies and Tips to Defeat EMMI

Activate Omega Cannon

EMMI can be defeated by activating Samus’ Omega Cannon. This can be done by absorbing the energy of defeated Central Units which powers-up Samus’ Omega Stream and Omega Blaster attacks.

How to Use the Omega Cannon

Omega Stream

The Omega Stream is a gatling gun-type attack performed using the Omega Cannon which exposes an EMMI’s red core (weak spot). Be warned, however, that using Omega Stream renders you immobile which is very risky when up against EMMI.

Omega Blaster

The Omega Blaster is a charged attack that can destroy an exposed EMMI core. Since the Omega Cannon will deactivate upon defeating an EMMI, you need to gather more energy from Central Units to be able to defeat another EMMI along the way.

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