Metroid Dread - How to Use Grapple Beam

An overview of Grapple Beam for Samus in Metroid Dread. Included are some basic information on the skill, description, effects, where to get, and many more.

Metroid Dread - How to Use Grapple Beam

Grapple Beam Overview

Here’s an overview on Grapple Beam for Samus, a beam weapon skill for her available in Metroid Dread. You can learn more about this beam attack, on how to get, effects, and details on it.

Grapple Beam

Name Description

Grapple Beam
Fires a ropelike beam that can latch on to blue Grapple Points.

Where to Get

This beam weapon skill for Samus can be unlocked in Artaria.

How to Use

Hold ZR button and press Y to fire. After latching on it, tilt L analog in the opposite direction to pull objects.

Grapple Beam Strategies

Look out for some Grapple Objects

You may use this ability to pull out any object or wall such as Grapple Beam Doors, Grapple Beam Blocks, and Grapple Beam Boxes.

Swinging to reach areas

When latched on to a Grapple Swing Point, Samus can swing back and forth.

If Samus fires at a magnetic surface, she will be pulled quickly toward it.

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