Metroid Dread - Ferenia (Revisit) Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough and guide for Ferenia (Revisit) in Metroid Dread, including obtainable power-ups, weapons, ability upgrades, bosses encountered, and strategies on how to clear the level.

Metroid Dread - Ferenia (Revisit) Walkthrough and Guide

Ferenia (Revisit) Walkthrough and Guide in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread main story walkthrough and strategy guide for Ferenia (Revisit). Included also are all unlockable ability upgrades and power-ups, obtainable items and collectibles, and bosses.

Planet ZDR Locations


Defeat Escue

1 Synch with Adam.
2 Encounter with 5th EMMI (purple).
3 Metroid Dread - Ferenia (Revisit) WalkthroughGet Energy Part.
4 Metroid Dread - Ferenia (Revisit) WalkthroughGet Missile Tank.
5 Prepare to battle Escue.
6 First Phase

Metroid Dread - Ferenia (Revisit) Walkthrough

As soon as the fight starts, move to the right and shoot Escue from underneath to get in some extra damage. The boss deals high damage so focus on getting his attacks down and avoiding them.

7 Metroid Dread - Ferenia (Revisit) WalkthroughEscue will shoot out a black sphere that you can guide to the end of the area (wall). Make sure that it does not hit the ground or else an electric shock will surge across the floor.
8 Metroid Dread - Ferenia (Revisit) WalkthroughEscue can also shoot homing missiles at you that can be tricky to dodge. Jump or use Flash Shift to weave through them.
9 Metroid Dread - Ferenia (Revisit) WalkthroughWhen Escue’s wings glow, he will do a rush attack that can be avoided by jumping.
10 Second Phase

Metroid Dread - Ferenia (Revisit) Walkthrough

Just focus on peppering Escue with Missiles to make him drop Missile ammo and energy.

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